Stripe’s big changes, Brazil’s newest fintech unicorn and the tale of a startup shutdown

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Fundid's laminitis shares really rising liking rates, VCs and partners killed nan business finance startup

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech! This week, we’re looking astatine Stripe’s large merchandise announcements, a bump successful valuation for a Brazilian fintech startup and overmuch more!

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The large story

Stripe announced that it will beryllium de-coupling payments from nan remainder of its financial services stack. This is simply a large change, considering that successful nan past, moreover arsenic Stripe grew its database of services, it required businesses to beryllium payments customers successful bid to usage immoderate of nan rest. Alongside this, nan institution is adding successful a number of caller embedded finance features and a caller activity of AI tools. The fintech elephantine besides announced that aft a six-year hiatus, it will let customers judge cryptocurrency payments, starting pinch conscionable 1 rate successful particular, USDC stablecoins, initially only connected Solana, Ethereum and Polygon.

Analysis of nan week

Brazil sewage a caller fintech unicorn past week. Banking-as-a-service startup QI Tech achieved unicorn status aft raising an undisclosed magnitude of superior successful a General Atlantic-led finance that was an hold of its $200 cardinal Series B raise, which TechCrunch covered past October. QI Tech said it is besides preparing to adjacent connected nan acquisition of Singulare, a Brazilian money management services provider, successful nan 3rd quarter. Meanwhile, different Brazilian startup, Vixtra, secured $36 cardinal successful indebtedness and equity funding — different illustration of companies successful nan region continuing to pull task dollars.

Dollars and cents

Bump, a level that helps creators negociate and turn their businesses, announced a $3 cardinal seed round, pinch investments from ImpactX, Capitalize and Serac Ventures. Bump allows creators to way income and marketplace value, which tin thief them discuss amended deals and spot really overmuch money partners beryllium them.

Y Combinator alum and B2B fintech startup Fintoc raised a $7 cardinal Series A information of funding to consolidate its beingness successful its location country, Chile, and successful Mexico, wherever it expanded 1 twelvemonth ago.

Pomelo, a startup that launched successful nan Philippines successful 2022 — allowing group successful nan United States to nonstop money to nan state while astatine nan aforesaid clip building their in installments — has raised $35 cardinal successful a Series A round led by Dubai task patient Vy Capital pinch information from Founders Fund.

You tin perceive nan Equity unit talk astir this woody and much here:

What other we’re writing

Bengaluru-headquartered CRED, valued astatine $6.4 billion, has received nan in-principle support for a payment aggregator license successful a boost to nan Indian fintech startup that could thief it amended service its customers and motorboat caller products and research pinch ideas faster.

Winding down a startup tin beryllium bittersweet for founders. In nan lawsuit of Fundid, rising liking rates killed nan business finance startup. But VCs and partners wounded it, too, laminitis Stefanie Sample says successful this compelling read by Christine Hall.

After a tumultuous year, banking-as-a-service (BaaS) startup Synapse has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and its assets will beryllium acquired by TabaPay.

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