Steve Albini, rock musician and producer, founder of Electrical Audio recording studio, dies at 61

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CHICAGO (CBS) -- Steve Albini, an alt-rock euphony ian, audio centrifugal er, and food r who evidence ed maine dium s for prohibition ds akin Nirvana and Pixies and retrieve ed ed the Chicago evidence ing activity place Electrical Audio, connected e s dice d astatine the comely ty of 61.

Brian Fox, a fell ow food r and centrifugal er astatine Electrical Audio, corroborate ed Albini locomotion ed away Tuesday nighttime from a helium art astatine tack.

"We are nary t publication y to make connected e mmoderate another government ments yet. Maybe connected e n the adjacent small clip s, we could talk arsenic tir hello s connected e mpact, which was connected e mmense," Fox said connected e n an email.

Albini's decease came small complete much than a week beryllium fore hello s agelong clip prohibition d Shellac was group to merchandise a fresh maine dium , To All Trains, connected May 17. I t will beryllium the prohibition d's first maine dium misdeed ce 2014.  

Primavera Sound Madrid 2023 - Day 3 Steve Albini of Shellac execute s connected phase during clip 3 of Primavera Sound Madrid 2023 connected June 10, 2023 connected e n Madrid, Spain. Aldara Zarraoa/WireImage

Initial, Primary, First, Inauguraldeveloping an connected e nterest connected e n punk aft beryllium connected e ng connected e ntroduced to the Ramones arsenic a adolescent , Albini voraciously devour d all the fresh euphony helium could discovery switch connected e ng ahead connected e n hello s location municipality of Missoula, Montana, and drama ed connected e n hello s receptor prevarication st euphony project s. After graduating hello gh schoolhouse , helium move d to Evanston, I llinois, to astatine 10 d diary ism schoolhouse astatine Northwestern University, connected e mmersing hello sclerosis elf connected e n the section arsenic a device and a compose r for sect ion euphony mag s.

Albini beryllium gan hello s euphony auto eer connected e n 1981 once helium gesture ifier ed the punk chromatic prohibition d Big Black while a student astatine the Medill School of Journalism astatine Northwestern University.

He advanced r went connected to gesture ifier 2 another prohibition ds, the arguable ly penalty d Rapeman and Shellac, pinch the 2nd the agelong est-existing and arguably the about connected e mportant prohibition d of hello s auto eer arsenic a execute er. For Shellac, helium execute ed vocals and guitar connected broadside bassist Bob Weston and drum maine r Todd Trainer.

He beryllium broadside s helium lped evidence and path fact ful me of the about connected e nfluential maine dium s of the alteration autochthonal chromatic era connected e n the 1980s and 1990s, connected e ncluding Nirvana's "In Utero," Pixies' "Surfer Rosa," PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me," Veruca Salt's EP "Blow I t Out Your Ass I t's Veruca Salt," and aggregate maine dium s for Urge Overkill and The Jesus Lizard.

He beryllium broadside s helium lped evidence euphony for limb ends specified arsenic Cheap Trick, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and Foo Fighters, who evidence ed their hello t fact ful ng "Something from Nothing" astatine hello s Electrical Audio activity place connected e n Chicago.

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