Statins linked to slight diabetes risk but benefits outweigh the concerns

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In a caller study published successful The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, a ample collaborative squad of researchers investigated nan factors associated pinch nan accrued consequence of glucosuria owed to statin use, specified arsenic nan types of individuals aliases populations that are astatine greater glucosuria consequence owed to statin therapy, astatine what constituent aft opening statin therapy does nan consequence increase, and whether nan usage of statins has an effect connected nan glycemic power of known glucosuria patients.

 Fahroni / ShutterstockStudy: Effects of statin therapy connected diagnoses of new-onset glucosuria and worsening glycaemia successful large-scale randomised blinded statin trials: an individual subordinate information meta-analysis. Image Credit: Fahroni / Shutterstock


One of nan starring causes of mortality crossed nan world is cardiovascular disease, pinch low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterin being nan awesome consequence facet for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The risk of atherosclerosis besides increases importantly successful diabetic patients. Treatment pinch statins specified arsenic 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitor is believed to alteration nan incidence of ischemic changeable and myocardial infarction by one-fourth for a simplification of 1 mmol/L LDL cholesterin reduction.

However, findings from caller meta-analyses person indicated that modular regimens of statin therapy are linked to a 10% summation successful new-onset glucosuria risk, arsenic compared to accustomed attraction for hypercholesteremia aliases placebo. The consequence of new-onset glucosuria was besides recovered to beryllium higher pinch much aggravated regimens of statin therapy. However, aspects of this relation betwixt statin usage and glucosuria risk, specified arsenic nan populations astatine greater consequence and nan effect of statin usage connected individuals already diagnosed pinch diabetes, stay unclear.

About nan study

In nan coming study, nan researchers obtained accusation connected adverse events related to diabetes, glucosuria treatments, and records of glycemia measurements from participants registered successful nan Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’ Collaboration, which consisted of double-blinded, long-term, randomized controlled tests evaluating statin therapy.

This study included statin therapy tests if they had a minimum of a 1000 participants pinch a mean follow-up play of 2 years. Furthermore, nan only differences mandated successful nan protocol of these tests had to beryllium successful nan management of statin therapy aliases placebo aliases nan strength of statin therapy. The individual subordinate data, which besides included accusation connected comorbidities, anthropometric measurements, and laboratory results for humor glucose tests, was utilized for a meta-analysis.

The adverse events related to glucosuria that were considered successful nan study included a test of diabetes, complications related to diabetes, specified arsenic glucose power and ketosis, aliases immoderate different complications circumstantial to diabetes. The medications for lowering glucose levels were identified from nan medicine accusation utilizing a modular supplier dictionary, and fasting position was utilized to categorize nan glucose concentrations.

A history of diabetes, nan occurrence of immoderate diabetes-related adverse event, fasting humor glucose levels of 7 mmol/L aliases above, aliases nan usage of medications to little humor glucose earlier nan registration aliases duty of nan subordinate to nan proceedings was utilized to specify baseline diabetes. In those without baseline diabetes, nan occurrence of immoderate adverse arena related to diabetes, a higher than nan modular cut-off of humor glucose, aliases nan usage of immoderate medicine to little humor glucose levels aft nan commencement of nan proceedings were considered arsenic new-onset glucosuria diagnoses.


The study recovered that statin usage was so linked to an summation successful new-onset diabetes, though nan relation was mean and dose-dependent. Furthermore, while a flimsy summation successful glycemia was observed aft statin treatment, astir of nan diagnoses for new-onset glucosuria were successful individuals whose baseline glycemic markers were already rather adjacent to nan period for diagnosing diabetes.

The imaginable summation successful cardiovascular illness consequence that could hap owed to nan marginal summation successful glycemia was accounted for successful nan important alteration successful cardiovascular consequence brought astir by lowering LDL cholesterin owed to statin therapy. Additionally, nan effect of statin therapy connected glycemic power successful individuals pinch glucosuria was not dissimilar from that observed successful cases of new-onset diabetes.

The results besides suggested that nan incidence rates of new-onset glucosuria were importantly higher for nan tests involving high-intensity statin regimens successful some nan involution and placebo groups, arsenic compared to tests evaluating mean aliases low-intensity statin regimens. The researchers judge this important quality successful arena rates could beryllium because nan tests evaluating nan high-intensity regimens had a higher follow-up frequency, including much predominant humor glucose tests.


Overall, nan findings suggested that while statin therapy was associated pinch an summation successful nan complaint of new-onset glucosuria diagnoses, nan relation was mean and dose-dependent. Furthermore, nan consequence of new-onset glucosuria was higher successful individuals whose glycemic markers were already rather adjacent to nan period for diagnosing diabetes. Any imaginable summation successful cardiovascular illness consequence owed to nan hyperglycemic effect of statins was mitigated by nan wide simplification successful cardiovascular consequence owed to statin therapy.

Journal reference:

  • Reith, C., Preiss, D., Blackwell, L., Emberson, J., Spata, E., Davies, K., … Marschner, I. (n.d.). Effects of statin therapy connected diagnoses of new-onset glucosuria and worsening glycaemia successful largescale randomised blinded statin trials: an individual subordinate information meta-analysis. The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.  DOI: 10.1016/S22138587(24)000408,