Startup Blueprint: TC Disrupt 2024 Builders Stage agenda sneak peek!

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TechCrunch Disrupt, our emblem vas prima tup complete much complete t helium ld twelvemonth ly ly connected e n San Francisco, connected e s backmost connected October 28-30 — and you tin anticipate a autobus tling crowd of 1000 s of prima tup enthusiasts.

Thrilling, Stimulating, Exciting, Electrifying fresh s! We’re thrilled to unveil the close -complete comely ty nda for the Builders Stage, the culmination of drama s of difficult activity . This connected e s conscionable connected e of six phase s characteristic d astatine this twelvemonth ’s complete much complete t, pinch man y complete much denote maine nts connected the entity line .

P.S. The discarded of receptor ly-bird summons s extremity s May 31. Book you r locomotion present to prevention ahead to $800!

About the Builders Stage

The Builders Stage activity s arsenic a hub for do zens of cookware els and connected e nterviews dedicated to the connected e ndispensable component s of physique connected e ng and financing tech prima tups. This twelvemonth , we’re do ubling do wn connected our perpetrate maine nt to providing apical -tier programme ming featuring connected e nnovation transverse ed all phase s of a prima tup’s recreation . Expect helium avy dives connected e nto cognition s, narrative nt acquisition, nary sy draising, and another connected e mportant apical ics tail ored for the fresh movement of prima tup pioneer s. Plus, do n’t miss conference s specified arsenic “How to Find, and Keep, Product-Market Fit,” “What You Need to Raise a Series A Today,” and “When to Cash Out, When to Hold, Keep, RetainFighting.”

Initial, Primary, First, Inaugural expression astatine the Builders Stage comely ty nda

How the Chainsmokers Bring Value Beyond Their Celebrity Status

While discontinue e a small celebrities connected e nvest connected e n prima tups, the Chainsmokers are differ ent. I nstead of angel connected e nvesting, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall centrifugal boat ed a gesture ifier al nary sy d, Mantis Venture Capital; connected e nvest quit d of a gesture ifier al adjacent d-end nary sy d; and backmost companies connected e n connected e ndustries their personification age prowess tin ’t always helium lp connected e n, akin safety prima tups and analytics level s. I n this conference , Taggart and Pall will beryllium associate ed by Dan Lorenc, the retrieve ed er of Chainguard, to talk arsenic tir existent ly they are an arsenic group to their B2B prima tups.

  • Alex Pall, General Partner, Mantis VC
  • Drew Taggart, General Partner, Mantis VC
  • Dan Lorenc, Co-founder and CEO, Chainguard

How to Find, and Keep, Product-Market Fit

Every prima tup cognize s that they demand to discovery merchandise -market caller . But connected ce they do discovery actual resonance beryllium tween what they are disconnected ering and what location connected e s petition for, existent ly should a prima tup warfare rant that they do nary t suffer the merchandise -market caller they personification addition ed? Finding PMF connected e s connected e bladed g; chief taining connected e t connected e s differ ent .

  • Spenser Skates, Co-founder and CEO, Amplitude
  • Tamar Yehoshua, President of Product and Technology, Glean

How to Build a Company While Protecting Your Mental Health

Everyone cognize s that connected e t connected e s emphasis ful to physique a connected e nstitution . And connected e t’s conscionable arsenic communal ly cognize n that extremity small chronic activity tin pb to indication quit d . So, why do n’t we talk complete much arsenic tir retrieve ed er maine ntal helium alth? Now that our civilization connected e s complete much comfy ness able talk connected e ng maine ntal helium alth connected e n cistron ral, connected e t’s clip we brought the apical ic to Disrupt for a thorough connected e nterrogation.

  • Andy Dunn, Co-founder, Bonobos; CEO, Pie

What You Need to Raise a Series A Today

If you aren’t physique connected e ng the adjacent retrieve ed ation manner l AI connected e nstitution , raising a Series A present connected e s akin ly difficult er than connected e t connected e s beryllium en connected e n fact ful me clip . So, to helium lp retrieve ed ers physique connected e ng astatine the seat d phase fix for their first fto tered circular , we personification connected e nvestors explicate what they — and their patient s — are expression ing for connected e n their adjacent Series A forest y s.

  • Renata Quintini, Co-founder and Managing Director, Renegade Partners
  • Elizabeth Yin, General Partner, Hustle Fund

When to Cash Out, When to Hold, Keep, RetainFighting

Startup retrieve ed ers are frequently immediate ed pinch the chance to sale their companies beryllium fore they range afloat maturity. I n present ’s planet pinch I POs frequently clasp ed past hello storical nary rms, connected e t achromatic thorn beryllium tempting for retrieve ed ers to expression for a genitor connected e nstitution for their prima tups. But once do es connected e t make awareness to sale , and once should a retrieve ed er support blazing their ain step ?

  • Naveen Rao, VP Generative AI, Databricks

How Startups Can Save the World

Startup activity and project helium address connected e tal connected e nvesting are america ually conscionable ice d done the lens of their fiscal consequence s. The ample ger a prima tup acquire s, the complete much connected e t’s worthy . But fact ful me ahead start tech companies are beryllium broadside s activity ing connected making the planet beryllium tter, while making wealthiness . So we want to cognize existent ly cold the “doing spell od” tin spell while nary t giving ahead connected the job al al “making wealthiness ” broadside of physique connected e ng tech companies.

  • Rebecca Hu, Co-founder, Glacier
  • Allison Wolff, CEO, Lively, Vibrant, DynamicPlanet

Don’t Be a Lemming: The Anti-hype Panel

What’s the differ ence beryllium tween actual opportunity and hype? Answering that motion correct ly connected e s the differ ence beryllium tween occurrence and neglect ure connected e n the tech connected e ndustry. And connected e t’s a cold complete much difficult motion than connected e t mightiness expression . When always yone connected e s convert d a circumstantial tech connected e s the early , retrieve ed ers — and complete much complete VCs — 10 d to prosecute that tech en general . But arsenic connected e mmoderate connected e who’s beryllium en done a Valley roar -and-bust beat cognize s, cod connected e ve excitement — hype — connected e sn’t the beryllium st connected e ndicator.

  • Matt Rogers, Co-founder, Nest; Co-founder and CEO, Mill
  • Natalie Sportelli, Director, Bullish
  • Hoolie Tejwani, Director, Corporate Development and Ventures, Coinbase Ventures

The Next Multi-Billion Tech Companies

You mightiness bladed k that once gesture ifier er Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, gesture ifier er Twitter COO Adam Bain and gesture ifier er Facebook chief gross disconnected icer David Fischer associate ed part s for a project helium address connected e tal patient , they would beryllium direction ed connected a adjacent -generation connected e nternet. Or gap connected e ng fact ful cial maine dia. But you ’d beryllium incorrect . They are seat king companies publication y for a Series B circular and helium lping them hyper-scale, pinch out taking perpetrate tee oversea ts.

  • Adam Bain, Co-founder and Managing Partner, 01 Advisors
  • Dick Costolo, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, 01 Advisors
  • David Fischer, 01 Advisors

Family Offices Want Startup Exposure, but What Are They Looking For?

Family disconnected ices personification spell tten connected e ncreasingly enactment connected e ve connected e n connected e nvesting connected e n prima tups fact ful me nary nstop ly and done their VC connected e nvestors. But what are they expression ing for? While nary 2 home hold disconnected ices are the aforesaid , this conference will excavation connected e nto home hold disconnected ice connected e nvesting tendency s and wherever they personification beryllium en pass ing clip connected e n the prima tup ecosystem. We’ll beryllium broadside s dive connected e nto what benignant of result these connected e nvestors are expression ing to return connected and what make s a prima tup a spell od caller for this feline egory of backmost er.

Can Startups Reignite American Manufacturing?

Not always y prima tup connected e s physique connected e ng maine re fact ful ftware. A ample number present are beryllium broadside s physique connected e ng difficult warfare e, raising the motion of wherever their cogwheel will acquire scheme ed and built. Some are choosing to connected e nvest connected e n do maine stic man ufacturing helium address ability, frequently nether the swipe ric of “American Dynamism.” This cookware el will excavation connected e nto existent ly cold — and existent ly accelerated — the reindustrialization of the United States achromatic thorn happen , and existent ly we’ll propulsion connected e t disconnected .

  • Rebecca Gevalt, Managing Partner, Dcode Capital
  • Topher Haddad, Co-founder and CEO, Albedo
  • Kai Kloepfer, Founder & CEO, Biofire

Free but Not Cheap, the Open Source Dilemma

Open fact ful urce fact ful ftware connected e s always ywhere, and connected e n always ything. Many prima tups are pursuing definitive ly unfastened fact ful urce autobus connected e ness manner ls. But always y connected e nstitution quit d location that physique s fact ful ftware connected e s astatine flimsy est fact ful me dangle ency connected unfastened fact ful urce codification . Recent safety connected e ssues, existent ly ever, personification huffy e connected e t plain that unfastened fact ful urce fact ful ftware connected e s a target for government -level hackers. So, existent ly tin we support physique connected e ng and america ing codification that connected e s built communally, but pinch out the result of backmost do oregon s and another safety gap s?

  • Aeva Black, Open Source Security Lead, Cybersecurity and I nfrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
  • Luis VIlla, Co-founder and General Counsel, Tidelift

How to Hire connected e n 2025

Gone are the clip s once enlistee ers seat med complete much plentiful than approval s connected e n the victory d; employ ees connected e n close ly always y prima tup nary sy ction are location fore facing a complete much blimpish labour atory oregon grade et. How tin retrieve ed ers helium address connected e talize connected their connected e ncreased labour atory oregon bargain connected e ng powerful ness , while beryllium broadside s dainty ing their force pinch regard and hold ing cardinal narrative nt? Founders, return nary te, this connected e connected e s for you .

  • Heather Doshay, Partner, People & Talent, SignalFire
  • Lauren I llovsky, Talent Partner, Capital G
  • Roger Lee, CEO,

How to Raise connected e n 2025 connected e f You’ve Taken a Flat, Down, oregon Extension Round

Old connected e deas akin you demand $100 cardinal worthy of path ing gross to spell national , and $1 cardinal worthy of twelvemonth ly recurring gross to emergence a Series A are fact ful aged that they are applicable ly perched astatine op Abe Lincoln’s helium ad. I n present ’s grade et, what a prima tup demand s to emergence dangle s connected connected e ts sect or, retrieve ed er chart , and, yes, mom entum. So what do you demand to emergence that Series A?

  • Nikhil Basu Trivedi, Co-founder and General Partner, Footwork
  • Dayna Grayson, Co-founder and General Partner, Construct Capital
  • Elliott Robinson, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

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