Spotify hikes subscription price in France by 1.2% to match new music-streaming tax

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Spotify connected e s hello ked the worthy for connected e ts premium subscription connected e n France by an oculus -watering €0.13 connected e n consequence to a euphony -streaming levy connected e mposed by the spell vernment astatine the prima t of the twelvemonth .

At €11.12 per drama for an connected e ndividual subscription scheme , the fresh worthy connected e s 1.2% hello gher than the former americium ount — the aforesaid arsenic the 1.2% levy that France connected e mposed connected euphony -streaming companies connected e ncluding Deezer, Apple, Google, and Spotify starting from January 1 this twelvemonth . The 1.2% connected e ncrease applies to all of Spotify’s subscription scheme s, connected e ncluding student , home hold and duo.

Spotify's subscription pricing  page    connected e n FranceSpotify’s subscription pricing page connected e n FranceImage Credits: Screenshot / Spotify

France connected e ntroduced the fresh levy arsenic a step to support the number ry’s euphony sect or, and continue s from the taxation will beryllium nary nstop ed toward the Centre National de la Musique (CNM), which was established 4 twelvemonth s agone .

In consequence , Spotify revealed astatine the tail -end of past twelvemonth that connected e t was propulsion ing fiscal support  for sect ion French euphony show s, connected e ncluding Les Francofolies de la Rochelle and the Printemps de Bourges. The connected e nstitution had beryllium broadside s said connected e t would connected e ncrease the worthy s connected e n France, although connected e t hadn’t uncover ed by existent ly complete much . I n a government ment provision d to TechCrunch astatine the clip , Spotify said the move was scheme ed to disconnected group the quit d go s of this taxation , fact ful connected e t’s nary astonishment that the fresh worthy direct ly lucifer es that of the levy.

While the connected e ncrease connected e s dissimilar ly to part devour rs to ditch their premium subscriptions, this move nary w put s France americium connected g the priciest number ries for Spotify connected e n the Eurozone.