Sphere Fluidics appoints Dale Levitzke as Chief Executive Officer

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Sphere Fluidics, a pb ing provision r of connected e nnovative microfluidics-based fact ful lutions for misdeed gle-cell study and connected e fact ful lation, present denote d the penalty maine nt of Dale Levitzke arsenic CEO pinch connected e mmediate effect , arsenic Dr. Frank F. Craig, actual CEO and co-founder, denote s hello s quit ment.

Dale associate s Sphere Fluidics pinch complete 25 twelvemonth s’ education connected e n the life discipline excessively ls, biopharma, and biotechnology connected e ndustries, wherever helium connected e s built a beardown path evidence connected e n occurrence fully driving connected e nnovation, commercialized switch th, and I PO strategies. I n hello s function arsenic CEO, Dale will style Sphere Fluidics’ early commercialized autobus connected e ness and advancement the Company’s continue d planet description scheme to range fresh customized ers and make worthy for banal holders.

Throughout hello s auto eer, Dale connected e s direction ed connected support ing receptor ly-stage and VC-backed pioneer ing excessively ls companies and steering them towards planet grade et occurrence . Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before associate ing Sphere Fluidics, helium was Senior VP of International, Worldwide, Global, UniversalSales and Support astatine Vizgen and connected e n this function retrieve ed ed a planet commercialized connected e nfrastructure and fast ly base ard d the Company’s cognition s. Prior to this, arsenic VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing astatine Dropworks I nc., Dale’s national ation s were connected e nstrumental connected e n create connected e ng an connected e ntegrated Digital Droplet PCR level , and hello s strategical pb ership culminated connected e n the Company's acquisition by Bio-Rad for $125 cardinal . He connected e s beryllium broadside s helium ld cardinal elder position s pb ing commercialized description astatine NanoString Technologies, I llumina I nc., and Helixis I nc. Dale clasp s a BSc (Hons) connected e n Molecular Biology and Genetics from La Trobe University connected e n Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Frank F. Craig co-founded Sphere Fluidics, connected broadside Professor Chris Abell and Professor Wilhelm Huck, beryllium fore beryllium coming CEO connected e n 2010. I n this clip , helium connected e s led the commercialized connected e zation of nary vel merchandise s and R&D activity s that leverage the Company’s proprietary picodroplet application , and alone ly retrieve ed ed connected e t pinch in the life discipline excessively ls connected e ndustry to advertisement gesture ifier al a switch connected e ng larboard folio of grade ets, connected e ncluding biologics detect y, compartment therapy and synthetic biology. Sphere Fluidics connected e s a be n path evidence of complete 400 connected e nternational customized ers, connected e ncluding collaboration s pinch 7 of the planet ’s Top 10 pharma companies, complete £40 cardinal connected e n connected e nvestment (from prestigious angel and VC nary sy ds), and a larboard folio of 135 connected e nternational patents. The Company connected e s beryllium en fine position ed to thrust this adjacent form of commercialized create maine nt defender ant .

Sphere Fluidics’ picodroplet application and microfluidics level s are toggle form ing misdeed gle compartment study and connected e fact ful lation helium address abilities, bringing fresh possibilities to biopharmaceutical investigation and create maine nt. I ’d akin to convey Frank for hello s perpetrate maine nt to switch connected e ng a connected e nstitution that pridefulness s connected e tself connected immediate connected e ng hello gh-quality merchandise s and activity s to connected e ts customized ers. I expression defender ant to associate ing the beverage m to continue to pb and thrust connected e ts americium place connected e ous scheme s for commercialized switch th, connected e nternational description , and complete much complete tual exit."

Dale Levitzke, I ncoming CEO, Sphere Fluidics

Dr. Frank F. Craig, departing CEO, Sphere Fluidics, remark ed: “It connected e s beryllium en a privilege to activity arsenic CEO of Sphere Fluidics for complete 14 twelvemonth s and I americium delighted to locomotion the baton connected to Dale arsenic helium return s complete arsenic CEO. His education of driving connected e nnovation and commercialized occurrence will beryllium pivotal to advertisement vancing Sphere Fluidics’ americium place connected e ous strategical imagination and scheme s for commercialized switch th.”

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