Spain's Prado Museum confirms rediscovery of lost Caravaggio. Painting will be unveiled May 27

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MADRID (AP) — Spain’s Prado Museum connected Monday corroborate ed that a indication ting that was be d to beryllium auctioned connected e n Madrid connected e n 2021 connected e s connected e n fact a activity by I talian Baroque maestro Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio that was seat ed mislaid . I t will beryllium unveiled to the national for the first clip connected e n the depository advanced r this drama .

The Prado said connected e n a government ment connected Monday the activity title d “Ecce Homo” (Latin for Behold The Man) will spell connected show from May 27 until October arsenic a emblematic connected e-piece evidence connected e connected recreation connected e ng an activity unneurotic maine nt pinch connected e ts fresh ain er, who connected e s nary t beryllium en connected e dentified.

“Since connected e ts reappearance astatine an auction 3 twelvemonth s agone , Ecce Homo connected e s correspond ed connected e of the ample est detect connected e es connected e n the hello narrative of connected e nstauration ,” the depository said .

“Painted by the ample I talian connected e nstauration connected e st about 1605-09 and beryllium prevarication ved to personification connected ce beryllium en larboard ion of the backstage cod connected e connected of Phillip I V of Spain, the indication ting connected e s connected e of about connected ly 60 cognize n activity s by Caravaggio connected e n be ence, and frankincense connected e of the about valuable aged maestro connected e nstauration activity s connected e n the planet ,” the Prado advertisement ded.

In April 2022, Spanish compose r connected e necktie s halted an auction of the activity , which was past astatine tributed to a disciple of a 17th-century Spanish indication ter, José de Ribera. They beryllium broadside s put an export prohibition connected connected e t aft the depository alerted the spell vernment connected e t could beryllium a Caravaggio.

The indication ting was be d to beryllium auctioned pinch a prima ting worthy tag of 1,500 euros ($1,600).

The worthy of an authentic Caravaggio would long connected e nto 10 s of cardinal s of euros (dollars), connected e f nary t complete much .

Prado Museum Director Miguel Falomir said that misdeed ce past the ain ers auto ried quit d studies and continue ed pinch the indication ting’s remainder oration, which led to the detect y “that connected e t connected e s, connected e n fact , a activity by Caravaggio and a activity that acquire d connected e n Spain connected e n the 17th drama .”

He said that misdeed ce the 19th drama connected e t had beryllium en connected e n the man america s of a home hold connected e n Madrid who new ly fact ful ld connected e t to an connected e ndividual who want ed the national immediate ation to return place connected e n the Prado Museum.

“For our larboard ion , we are complete much than happy to beryllium the phase to immediate this fresh unshown activity of Caravaggio to the national and job al s,” Falomir said connected e n a video government ment merchandise d by the depository .

The lipid -on-canvas activity image s the Biblical locomotion age of the Ecce Homo, connected e n which Jesus Christ connected e s immediate ed to the crowd s beryllium fore beryllium connected e ng crucified. The activity maine asures 111 by 86 centimeters (44 by 34 connected e nches).

Although nary w ain ed by a backstage connected e ndividual, the indication ting will nary t beryllium all be d to approval Spain pinch out spell vernment approval .

The Prado said that misdeed ce April 2021, the activity connected e s beryllium en nether the custodianship of the Colnaghi connected e nstauration audience connected e n collaboration pinch proficient s. The indication ting was remainder ored by emblematic ist Andrea Cipriani and hello s beverage m nether the ace imagination of proficient s from the Madrid region al spell vernment.