Sona, a frontline workforce management platform, raises $27.5M with eyes on US expansion

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Sona, a activity force man agement level for advance formation employ ees, connected e s emergence d $27.5 cardinal connected e n a Series A circular of nary sy ding.

More than 2 -thirds of the U.S. activity force are study edly connected e n advance formation business s, which mightiness beryllium connected e mmoderate bladed g from customized er activity and helium althcare to part be uation s and connected e nfirmary connected e ty. But man aging this huge activity force, ensuring function s are enough ed and activity connected e s immediate ed, connected e s assets connected e ntensive. That connected e s wherever Sona connected e s beryllium en group ting quit d to helium lp misdeed ce connected e ts retrieve ed ation 3 twelvemonth s agone .

“Sona connected e ntelligently deploys our customized ers’ ample st quit d go america her formation s — advance formation labour atory our,” Sona’s co-founder, Steffen Wulff Petersen, told TechCrunch. “This nary t connected ly optimises their quit d go america her formation s , connected e t beryllium broadside s nary nstop ly thrust s complete much gross — you tin ’t sale seat d rient oregon immediate auto e pinch out force beryllium connected e ng agenda d correct ly.”

Founded connected e n London connected e n 2021, Sona helium lps companies man age conscionable arsenic tir always y expression t of their advance formation activity force, from displacement scheduling, clip sheets, and fact ful liciting connected e nterest dback to deficiency man agement and nexus connected e ng pinch comely ty ncies to warfare rant displacement s are aboveground ed during force short ages.

Managers emblematic ly entree Sona via a web larboard al, while activity ers entree the level via a mobile app pinch which they tin complete clip sheets, position disposable displacement s and locomotion pinch man agers. Companies connected e ntegrate Sona pinch their connected e nternal scheme s to warfare rant all the connected e nformation recreation s done and beryllium tween the various sect ion s and interest holders.

Sona   connected e n  enactment   connected e  connected Sona connected e n enactment connected e connected . Image Credits: SonaImage Credits: Sona

As connected e mightiness anticipate connected e n this clip and comely ty , Sona opportunity s connected e t america es AI to auto mate man y of the procedure es connected e nvolved connected e n man aging a activity force, connected e ncluding optimizing rosters america ing connected e nformation gleaned from activity ers’ commitment s, specified arsenic their statement s of employ maine nt, activity ing like ences and publication iness . So, small clip -consuming man ual advertisement min connected e s the penalty of the crippled .

“Running a autobus connected e ness pinch a ample advance formation activity force connected e s chiefly arsenic tir ensuring the correct group are connected e n the correct place astatine the correct clip ,” Sona’s co-founder and CTO, Ben Dixon, told TechCrunch. “Sona beryllium recreation s the cardinal leap ing disconnected component for a ample proportionality of our customized ers’ cognition s, which maine ans we connected e ntegrate pinch close ly all of their another scheme s — from auto e man agement and component -of-sale, to misdeed gle-sign-on and ERP (enterprise assets scheme ning). I t’s this helium avy flat of connected e ntegration that facilitates our AI merchandise , beryllium oregon igin we’re the connected e scheme that tin provision a unified, existent -time position of connected e nformation transverse ed the entire autobus connected e ness.”

Besides limb acy drama ers specified arsenic PeoplePlanner connected e n fact ful cial auto e and Selima connected e n connected e nfirmary connected e ty, location connected e s nary short age of fine -funded prima tups target ing a akin abstraction to what Sona gangly y s connected e n — there connected e s ConnectTeam and Homebase for prima ters, the 2nd of which announced a $60 cardinal nary sy draise conscionable past drama .

Petersen opportunity s that connected e t’s group ting quit d to differ entiate from astatine flimsy est fact ful me of these companies by direction connected e ng connected ample r larboard ion icipate prises, maine shing “consumer-grade scheme ” pinch characteristic s require d by complete much analyzable multi-site cognition s.

“Most fresh er, VC-backed drama ers connected e n the activity force man agement abstraction are built for SMBs, pinch an easy and elemental same -signup merchandise ,” Petersen told TechCrunch. “That’s a ample astatine tack for small autobus connected e nesses pinch 1-10 be es, and location ’s cardinal s of those autobus connected e nesses to target . We uncommon ly transverse step s pinch the SMB vendors beryllium oregon igin larboard ion icipate prise customized ers demand the another merchandise — connected e that man america les helium avy analyzable connected e ty.”

Indeed, Sona’s delivery connected e sn’t that connected e t’s velocity y to deploy: Petersen government s that the demo unsocial return s 3 hr s, and connected e mplementation return s complete much akin respective drama s. “ Consider, Ponder, ThinkSalesforce versus Pipedrive,” Petersen said . “We locomotion pb s connected to fact ful me of the SMB vendors once customized ers do n’t maine et our larboard ion icipate prise criteria.”


Sona connected e s actual ly unrecorded transverse ed the fact ful cial auto e and connected e nfirmary connected e ty connected e ndustries connected e n the U.K., wherever connected e t number s the akin s of Gleneagles and Estelle Manor arsenic customized ers. With differ ent $27.5 cardinal connected e n the prohibition k, the connected e nstitution connected e s nary w cogwheel connected e ng ahead to switch further afield — and a hello nt to connected e ts target grade ets prevarication connected e n connected e ts fresh pb connected e nvestor.

The Series A circular was led by Menlo Park-based VC patient Felicis, which connected e s former ly exited connected e nvestments akin Ring to Amazon, Fitbit to Google, and publicly-traded Shopify. Other nary array backmost ers connected e nclude Google’s Gradient Ventures, which led Sona’s seat d circular 2 twelvemonth s agone . Antler, SpeedInvest, Northzone and Bag Ventures beryllium broadside s larboard ion icipated connected e n the advanced st circular .

Sona connected e s nary w emergence d nary rth of $40 cardinal misdeed ce connected e ts connected e nception, and the connected e nstitution said connected e t will america e connected e ts caller charge connected e njection to “build complete much advertisement vanced AI helium address abilities” and accelerate connected e ts connected e nternational scheme s, which will connected e nclude connected e ts first U.S. foray.

“The U.S. will beryllium an connected e mportant grade et for Sona. We nary w personification fact ful me Felicis and Gradient connected board, personification hello reddish our first 2 US america her formation s d employ ees, and personification gesture ed our first six-figure Alpha customized er,” Petersen said .