Social media companies have too much political power, 78% of Americans say in Pew survey

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Finally, thing that some sides of nan aisle tin work together on: societal media companies are excessively powerful.

According to a study by nan Pew Research Center, 78% of American adults opportunity societal media companies person excessively overmuch power connected authorities — to break it down by party, that’s 84% of surveyed Republicans and 74% of Democrats. Overall, this viewpoint has go 6% much celebrated since nan past statesmanlike predetermination year.

Americans’ feelings astir societal media bespeak that of their legislators. Some of nan only governmental pursuits that person precocious garnered important bipartisan support person been efforts to clasp societal media platforms accountable. Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) person been moving crossed nan aisle connected their Kids Online Safety Act, a measure that would put a work of attraction connected societal media platforms to support children safe; however, immoderate privateness advocates person criticized nan bill’s imaginable to make adults much susceptible to authorities surveillance.

Meanwhile, Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) person besides forged an improbable business to propose a bill that would create a committee to oversee large tech platforms.

“The only point worse than maine doing a measure pinch Elizabeth Warren is her doing a measure pinch me,” Graham said astatine a Senate hearing successful January.

It’s evident why Americans deliberation tech companies person excessively overmuch governmental powerfulness — since nan 2020 survey, societal platforms were utilized to coordinate an onslaught connected nan Capitol, and past arsenic a result, a sitting president sewage banned from those platforms for egging connected those attacks. Meanwhile, nan authorities is truthful concerned astir nan power of Chinese-owned TikTok that President Biden conscionable signed a bill that could prohibition nan app for good.

But nan views of blimpish and wide Americans diverge connected nan taxable of tech companies’ bias. While 71% of Republicans surveyed said that large tech favors wide perspectives complete blimpish ones, 50% Democrats said that tech companies support each group of views equally. Only 15% of adults wide said that tech companies support conservatives complete liberals.

These study results make consciousness fixed nan emergence of explicitly blimpish societal platforms, for illustration Rumble, Parler and Trump’s ain Truth Social app.

During Biden’s presidency, authorities agencies for illustration nan FTC and DOJ person taken a sharper purpose astatine tech companies. Some of nan country’s biggest companies for illustration Amazon, Apple and Meta person faced awesome lawsuits alleging monopolistic behaviors. But according to Pew’s survey, only 16% of U.S. adults deliberation that tech companies should beryllium regulated little than they are now. This percent has grown since 2021, erstwhile Pew recovered that worth to beryllium 9%.

Liberals and conservatives whitethorn not work together connected everything erstwhile it comes to tech policy, but nan predominant position from this study is clear: Americans are tired of nan outsized power of large tech.