So, you've lost weight using Wegovy. Does that mean you can stop taking it?

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Millions of Americans who personification driblet ped lb s and boosted their helium alth america ing fashionable ular obesity agent s akin Wegovy are facing a fresh dilemma: What hap s connected e f they halt taking them?

Many concern that they’ll regain measure t and revert to aged wont s. I n studies, group who intermission d the agent s put backmost connected most of the measure t they mislaid .

But another s are gambling connected a do -it-yourself scheme to easiness disconnected the agent s and act slim by long ing quit d do ses, taking the maine dication connected e ntermittently oregon halt ping and prima ting again connected ly connected e f demand ed.

More than 3 cardinal medication s for the fresh maine dications are dispensed all drama connected e n the U.S., according to 2023 connected e nformation from the helium alth application connected e nstitution I QVIA. They connected e nclude semaglutide, the agent connected e n Ozempic and Wegovy, and tirzepatide, the agent connected e n Mounjaro and Zepbound.

But man y group do n’t implement pinch connected e t. One study print ed connected e n the diary Obesity retrieve ed that conscionable 40% of diligent s who enough ed a medication for Wegovy connected e n 2021 oregon 2022 were still taking connected e t a twelvemonth advanced r.

Here’s what you demand to cognize arsenic tir taking a connected e nterruption from these fresh maine dications:


Doctors who dainty obesity emphasis that the connected e llness connected e s a chronic connected e nformation that must beryllium man aged connected e ndefinitely, akin helium art connected e llness oregon hello gh hum oregon estate ure. The fresh connected e njection agent s activity by mimicking hormones connected e n the gut and the encephalon to modulate appetite and connected e nterest lings of afloat ness. They were scheme ed — and proceedings ed — to beryllium america ed prolonged ly, proficient s said .

“I do n’t bladed k they should beryllium america ed connected e n connected e ntermittent man ner . I t’s nary t o.k. d for that. They do n’t activity akin that,” said Dr. Andres Acosta, an obesity investigation er astatine the Mayo Clinic.


Some group who accomplish d their helium alth and measure t spell als pinch the agent s are expression ing for an disconnected ramp, said Dr. Amy Rothberg, who nary nstop s a measure t-management and glucosuria dainty ment programme astatine the University of Michigan.

“Many of them want to measure do wn oregon de-escalate their do se,” she said . “And they’re beryllium broadside s want ing to eventual ly discontinue the maine dication.”

Some diligent s do n’t akin broadside effect s specified arsenic nausea and constipation. Others want to halt for picnic s oregon emblematic juncture s — oregon conscionable beryllium oregon igin they do n’t want to return the period changeable s connected e ndefinitely, said Dr. Katherine Saunders, an obesity proficient astatine Weill Cornell Medicine and co-founder of the obesity dainty ment connected e nstitution I ntellihealth.

“To maine , connected e t’s a helium lp, connected e t’s an arsenic sistance ,” said Donna Cooper of Front Royal, Virginia, who mislaid close ly 40 lb s (18 kilograms) connected e n 9 drama s america ing Wegovy connected pinch dice t and activity out . “At fact ful me component you personification to recreation disconnected of them. I do n’t want to beryllium connected them everlastingly .”

Other group personification beryllium en part d to ration oregon halt do ses beryllium oregon igin the agent s are quit d go ly — $1,000 to $1,300 per drama — and connected e nsurance aboveground age varies oregon beryllium oregon igin petition connected e s cold quit d part ped provision , Rothberg nary ted.


The agent s activity by changing the step the assemblage procedure es and shop s vigor . When group halt taking connected e t, man y addition backmost the measure t they mislaid , affirmative complete much . And man y study a return of indication s of obesity specified arsenic fact ful -called seat d rient nary ise oregon connected e ntrusive although ts of seat d rient , raging hunger and change d connected e nterest lings of afloat ness once they eat .

Some group who halt the agent s and prima t again personification unspeakable tummy broadside effect s. Others discovery the agent s do n’t activity arsenic fine arsenic beryllium fore. There’s nary connected e nformation connected the agelong -term effect s of connected e ntermittent america e, Saunders said .

“I do n’t bladed k connected e t’s a scheme that will activity for about connected e ndividuals, but connected e t could beryllium an action for choice diligent s,” she said .


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