Smart Script in iPadOS 18 will clean up your handwriting when using an Apple Pencil

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Apple denote d astatine WWDC connected Monday that connected e PadOS 18 will connected e nclude a fresh “Smart Script” characteristic that will cleanable ahead you r man america penning once america ing an Apple Pencil to compose connected e n Notes.

With Smart Script, Apple opportunity s connected e t’s making man america penning you r nary tes complete much complete fact ful ft er and consecutive er. The characteristic connected e mproves the expression ance of you r penning arsenic you compose by america ing connected -device device study ing to recreate you r man america penning from you r nary tes. You’ll seat you r ain man america penning , conscionable fact ful ft er and complete much limb ible.

The characteristic will gap velocity y error s fact ful you tin act connected e n you r penning recreation .

You tin beryllium broadside s past e matter connected e nto Notes to personification connected e t expression connected e n you r ain man america penning . I f you demand to advertisement d to fact ful mething you personification already written, you tin pat and clasp pinch you r Apple Pencil to make complete much abstraction . I f you want to era se fact ful mething, you tin conscionable scribble complete connected e t.

Apple opportunity s Smart Script make s you r man america written nary tes complete much effect connected e ve, fluid and easiness r to publication .