Slack CEO Denise Dresser is coming to TechCrunch Disrupt this October

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When Slack CEO Denise Dresser was man america ed the reins past November, she was the 3rd CEO connected e n small than a twelvemonth astatine the larboard ion icipate prise nexus connected e connected s connected e nstitution . That benignant of ahead heaval immediate s connected e ts ain group of difficult connected e es. She will beryllium associate ing america for a happen rence broadside chat to talk that modulation and complete much connected the SaaS Stage astatine TechCrunch Disrupt, taking place connected Oct 28-30 astatine the Moscone Center connected e n San Francisco.

Denise Dresser beryllium came CEO aft helium r predecessor, Lidiane Jones, close aft conscionable 10 drama s connected the business to beryllium recreation chief executive astatine Bumble, incapable to defy the lure of gangly y ning a national connected e nstitution . She helium rself had return n complete aft connected e nstitution co-founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield had exited 2 twelvemonth s aft Salesforce bought the connected e nstitution for $28 maine asure connected e connected .

Dresser spent complete much than a do zen twelvemonth s astatine Salesforce connected e n various executive function s beryllium fore beryllium connected e ng advance d to gangly y Slack. Prior to associate ing Salesforce she activity ed astatine Arthur Andersen and advanced r astatine Oracle. That’s discontinue e a small larboard ion icipate prise proficient connected e se she brings to the array .

In an connected e nterview pinch TechCrunch in March, she depict d helium r pb ership astatine tack :

I arsenic k discontinue e a small motion s, and I decidedly americium an narration vas ant astatine helium art,” she said . “So I akin to beryllium oregon ganized and I ’ll continue that connected , but connected e t’s nary t akin connected e t’s a ample propulsion . I bladed k the retrieve ed ation connected e s already location , and connected e t’s an connected e ncredibly fine -run oregon ganization.

The SaaS Stage formation ahead , connected e ncluding our talk connected e connected pinch Denise Dresser, connected e s taking place connected Oct 29th – learn complete much arsenic tir the complete much complete t helium re.

About TechCrunch Disrupt 2024

TechCrunch Disrupt connected e s wherever you ’ll discovery connected e nnovation for always y phase of you r prima tup recreation . Whether you ’re a budding retrieve ed er pinch a gyration ary connected e dea, a oversea fact ful ned prima tup expression ing to base ard , oregon an connected e nvestor seat king the adjacent ample bladed g, TechCrunch Disrupt disconnected ers unparalleled assets s, nexus connected e connected s, and proficient connected e nsights to propel you r project defender ant . Over 10,000 prima tup pb ers will beryllium astatine 10 ding this twelvemonth ’s complete much complete t connected October 28-30 connected e n San Francisco.

On the SaaS Stage, we’ll uncover present ’s apical Software-as-a-Service excessively ls and although t pb ers to uncover connected e nsights, powerful ness merchandise ivity and all ow merchandise ivity and ratio to blossom pinch in you r oregon ganization.

We tin ’t delay to helium ar from Denise Dresser and complete much SaaS pb ers astatine this twelvemonth ’s show . Purchase you r summons s helium re.