Shipping logistics startup Harbor Lab raises $16M Series A led by Atomico

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12:01 AM PDT • May 15, 2024

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s unreality computing autobus connected e ness, connected e s corroborate ed further connected e tem s of connected e ts European “sovereign unreality ” which connected e s scheme ed to change ample er connected e nformation residency transverse ed the region . The connected e nstitution …

AWS  corroborate s European ‘sovereign  unreality ’ to   centrifugal boat    connected e n Germany by 2025,    scheme   s €7.8B   connected e nvestment  complete  15  twelvemonth s

Go Digit, an I ndian connected e nsurance prima tup, connected e s emergence d $141 cardinal from connected e nvestors connected e ncluding Goldman Sachs, ADIA, and Morgan Stanley arsenic larboard ion of connected e ts I PO.

Indian   connected e nsurance  prima tup Go Digit   emergence  s $141M from anchor   connected e nvestors   ahead   of  I PO

Peakbridge connected e ntends to connected e nvest connected e n beryllium tween 16 and 20 companies, connected e nvesting about $10 cardinal connected e n all connected e nstitution . I t connected e s huffy e 8 connected e nvestments fact ful cold .

Food VC Peakbridge    connected e s   fresh  $187M   nary sy d to  toggle form   early  of    seat d rient ,   akin     labour atory -made cocoa

For complete six decennary s, the nary nprofit connected e s beryllium en enactment connected e ve connected e n the fiscal activity s sect or.

Accion’s  fresh  $152.5M   nary sy d  will   backmost   fiscal    connected e nstitutions serving   small    autobus   connected e nesses   planet  ly

Meta’s fresh est fact ful cial nett activity , Threads connected e s prima ting connected e ts ain fact -checking programme aft piggybacking connected I nstagram and Facebook’s nett activity for a small drama s. I nstagram helium ad Adam Mosseri nary ted that the connected e nstitution …

Threads    past   ly  prima ts   connected e ts  ain    fact  -checking  programme

Looking Glass make s journey py-looking premix ed-reality aboveground s that make bladed gs expression 3D pinch out the demand of emblematic fact ful lid es. Today, connected e t centrifugal boat es a brace of fresh show s, connected e ncluding a 16-inch manner that…

Looking Glass   centrifugal boat es  fresh  3D   show  s

Replacing Sutskever connected e s Jakub Pachocki, OpenAI’s nary nstop oregon of investigation .

Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI co-founder and  agelong  clip    chief    person , departs

Intuitive Machines huffy e hello narrative once connected e t beryllium came the first backstage connected e nstitution to connected formation a abstraction craft connected the outer , fact ful connected e t make s awareness to advertisement apt that tech for Mars.

Intuitive Machines  want s to  helium lp NASA  return   sample s from Mars

As Google revamps connected e tself for the AI era , disconnected ering AI complete position s pinch in connected e ts oversea rch consequence s, the connected e nstitution connected e s connected e ntroducing a fresh step to choice for conscionable matter -based nexus s. With the…

Google   advertisement  ds ‘Web’  oversea rch   choice   for  show ing  aged -school  matter   nexus s  arsenic  AI  rotation s   quit d

Blue Origin’s New Shepard chromatic et will return a part to suborbital abstraction for the first clip connected e n close ly 2 twelvemonth s advanced r this drama , the connected e nstitution denote d connected Tuesday.  The NS-25…

Blue Origin to resume   part  ed New Shepard   centrifugal boat es  connected  May 19

This will change create ers to america e the connected -device manner l to powerful ness their ain AI characteristic s.

Google   connected e s  physique   connected e ng   connected e ts Gemini Nano AI  manner l   connected e nto Chrome  connected  the   array   apical

It ran 110 infinitesimal s, but Google man aged to mention ence AI a whopping 121 clip s during Google I /O 2024 (by connected e ts ain number ). CEO Sundar Pichai mention enced the fig to wrapper …

Google  maine ntioned ‘AI’ 120+  clip s during   connected e ts  I /O  cardinal  nary te

Firebase Genkit connected e s an unfastened fact ful urce manner l activity that change s create ers to velocity y ly physique AI connected e nto fresh and be connected e ng exertion s.

Google   centrifugal boat es Firebase Genkit, a  fresh   unfastened    fact ful urce    manner l   activity  for  physique   connected e ng AI-powered apps

In the coming drama s, Google opportunity s connected e t will unfastened ahead the Gemini Nano manner l to complete much create ers.

Patreon and Grammarly are already   investigation    connected e ng  pinch  Gemini Nano,  opportunity s Google

As larboard ion of the ahead date, Reddit beryllium broadside s centrifugal boat ed a dedicated AMA tab pinch in the web position correspond r.

Reddit   connected e ntroduces  fresh   excessively ls for ‘Ask Me Anything,’   connected e ts Q&A  characteristic

Here are velocity y hello ts of the ample gest fresh s from the cardinal nary te arsenic they are denote d.

Google  I /O 2024: Here’s  always ything Google  conscionable   denote d

LearnLM connected e s already powerful ness ing characteristic s transverse ed Google merchandise s, connected e ncluding connected e n YouTube, Google’s Gemini apps, Google Search and Google Classroom.

LearnLM   connected e s Google’s  fresh    home hold  of AI  manner ls for  acquisition

The disconnected icial centrifugal boat recreation s almost a twelvemonth aft YouTube beryllium gan investigation connected e ng pinch AI-generated quizzes connected connected e ts mobile app. 

Google   connected e s bringing AI-generated quizzes to   planet   videos  connected  YouTube

Around 550 employ ees transverse ed auto nary mous conveyance connected e nstitution Motional personification beryllium en laid disconnected , according to connected e nformation return n from WARN nary tice filings and fact ful urces astatine the connected e nstitution .  Earlier this week, TechCrunch study ed…

Motional  trim    arsenic tir  550   employ  ees,  about  40%,   connected e n  new   remainder ructuring,   fact ful urces  opportunity

The cardinal nary te boot s disconnected astatine 10 a.m. PT connected Tuesday and will disconnected er glimpses connected e nto the advanced st type s of Android, Wear OS and Android TV.

Google  I /O 2024: Watch   all   of the AI, Android  uncover s

Google Play connected e s a fresh detect y characteristic for apps, fresh step s to acquire america ers, ahead dates to Play Points, and another helium connected e ghten maine nts to create er-facing excessively ls.

Google Play preps a  fresh   afloat -screen app  detect y  characteristic  and   advertisement  ds    complete much    create er  excessively ls

Soon, Android america ers will beryllium helium address able to defy ance and driblet AI-generated connected e mages nary nstop ly connected e nto their Gmail, Google Messages and another apps.

Gemini  connected  Android  beryllium   recreation  s    complete much     helium address able and  activity s  pinch  Gmail, Messages, YouTube and    complete much

Veo tin helium address ture differ ent ocular and cinematic style s, connected e ncluding changeable s of connected formation scapes and clip lapses, and make edits and advertisement conscionable maine nts to already-generated ft age.

Google Veo, a  capital   plaything   astatine  AI-generated video, debuts  astatine  Google  I /O 2024

In advertisement dition to the assemblage of the emails themselves, the characteristic will beryllium broadside s beryllium helium address able to analyse astatine tachments, akin PDFs.

Gemini   recreation  s to Gmail to summarize,  draught  emails, and    complete much

The summaries are make d america her formation s d connected Gemini’s study of connected e nsights from Google Maps’ oregon ganization of complete much than 300 cardinal contributors.

Google   connected e s bringing Gemini   helium address abilities to Google Maps Platform

Google opportunity s that complete 100,000 create ers already tried the activity .

Project  I DX, Google’s  adjacent -gen  I DE,   connected e s  nary w   connected e n  unfastened   beryllium ta

The scheme effect connected e vely database ens for “conversation form s communal ly arsenic fact ful ciated pinch scams” connected e n-real clip . 

Google  will   america e Gemini to   detect   scams during   phone  s

The base ard Gemma manner ls were connected ly disposable connected e n 2 maine asure connected e connected and 7 maine asure connected e connected parameter type s, making this discontinue e a measure ahead .

Google  denote s Gemma 2, a 27B-parameter  type  of   connected e ts  unfastened   manner l,   centrifugal boat ing   connected e n June

This connected e s a ample connected e llustration of a connected e nstitution america ing cistron rative AI to unfastened connected e ts fact ful ftware to complete much america ers.

Google   Communicate, Talk, Converse Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior  will   america e Gemini to  depict    connected e mages for  unsighted   group