Seam wants to make customer data accessible to every business user

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As information entree becomes progressively tied to business success, making information disposable to each business users, sloppy of their information wrangling skills has grown successful importance. The founders of Seam, an early shape startup, knowledgeable nan request to make information much accessible first manus erstwhile they were astatine Okta, and decided to motorboat a institution to lick this problem, particularly arsenic it relates to customer data.

On Tuesday, they announced a $5 cardinal seed to make their imagination a reality, and that they are making nan merchandise disposable to nan nationalist for nan first time.

“We’re building what we’re calling nan AI interface for customer information. And our ngo is really to springiness anyone sloppy of their method ability, what we’re calling business users, nan opportunity to usage information to reply immoderate questions they have,” institution CEO and co-founder Nicholas Scavone told TechCrunch.

The measurement they are doing that is via a generative AI, punctual interface that lets group inquire questions astir customer information and get answers backmost without knowing SQL queries. “Our solution to this is really to build benignant of an end-to-end strategy that gives you a elemental chat interface wherever you tin person a speech pinch your information successful earthy language, specifically astir nan income and trading systems,” he said.

The problem pinch existent systems is that successful bid to get accusation retired of your information storage – Seam is built connected apical of Snowflake – it requires you to cognize SQL, and that creates clash for astir business users, requiring them to spell to a information expert to get nan accusation they request to do their jobs. Generative AI systems connection nan expertise to move a plain connection query into SQL codification automatically and return an answer. He says he and his co-founders recognized this capacity was a business opportunity.

“Whenever you spot clash for illustration this successful a business process, you understand that there’s an opportunity, and that find happened to clip good pinch this AI exertion shift. All of a abrupt it was feasible to lick this problem pinch earthy connection without knowing SQL,” he said.

They launched nan institution successful March 2023 and spent a twelvemonth building. It took a agelong clip to build because they were trying to simplify thing incredibly complex, thing that a full squad astatine Okta struggled with. “I deliberation that it took that agelong because there’s an unthinkable magnitude of information infrastructure that we had to group up. We had to merge pinch much than 20 applications. We had to make judge that pipelines tin beryllium created via 1 click,” he said. And it was a batch of activity trying to automate what it took a bunch of highly skilled group to build anterior to this.

With nan merchandise together, they are looking to standard their marketplace now. “We’re starting to really scale. Our level is sturdy, its accumulation grade, we’re moving pinch immoderate awesome enterprises. So that’s really I would benignant of look astatine nan early for us,” he said.

The $5 cardinal seed finance was led by Bessemer Venture Partners pinch information from Colle Capital, F7 Ventures, Ritual Capital, Umami Capital. The institution besides received investments from a number of manufacture angels.