SBF sentenced, Worldcoin hit with another ban order and big web3 pre-seed rounds are back

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With that said, nan show goes on. This week, Sam Bankman-Fried, nan erstwhile FTX CEO who was recovered blameworthy connected 7 counts related to money laundering and fraud successful November, was sentenced, Borderless Capital acquired CFT Capital, Worldcoin faces different prohibition successful Europe and more.

Details below.

This week successful web3

  1. Sam Bankman-Fried gets 25 years successful situation for fraud and money-laundering astatine FTX
  2. Web3 finance patient Borderless Capital acquires CTF Capital to bring AI and quant expertise
  3. Worldcoin deed pinch different prohibition bid successful Europe citing risks to kids
  4. A caller web3 web is being built correct now that wants to extremity Big Tech’s power of your data
  5. 0G Labs launches pinch whopping $35M pre-seed to build a modular AI blockchain

Crunching numbers

This week nan crypto marketplace prices were a spot much chipper, pinch nan apical cryptocurrencies being greenish connected nan week.

Bitcoin was up 7.4% connected nan week, astir $71,300 astatine nan clip of publication. The second-largest crypto, ether, accrued 2.6% connected nan week to $3,550, according to CoinMarketCap data. The total crypto marketplace cap accrued 6.4% during nan aforesaid clip framework to $2.67 trillion.

The latest pod

Chain Reaction is doing a monthly bid diving into different topics and themes successful crypto. This period we’re focusing connected blockchain and AI integrations.

For this week’s episode, I interviewed Scott Dykstra, CTO and co-founder of Space and Time.

Before diving into web3, Scott spent almost 8 years astatine nan unreality analytics and information level Teradata wherever he held roles of elder architect, head of unreality solutions and worked his measurement up to VP of nan firm’s world cloud.

As for Space and Time, nan institution intends to beryllium a verifiable compute furniture for web3 that scales zero-knowledge proofs, aliases ZK proofs, connected a decentralized information warehouse. Zero-knowledge proofs are a cryptographic action utilized to beryllium thing astir a portion of data, without revealing nan root information itself.

Space and Time has indexed information some off-chain and on-chain from Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, Sui, Avalanche, Sei and Aptos and is adding support for much chains to powerfulness nan early of AI x blockchain.

This section is wrapping up Chain Reaction’s monthly bid diving into different topics and themes successful crypto. This month’s focused connected blockchain and AI integrations.

Scott and I talk Space and Time’s root story, really information warehouses activity successful Web 2.0 versus web3 and nan value of information transparency.

We besides dive into:

  • Blockchain and AI potential
  • Its OpenAI and blockchain information developments
  • Future usage cases for information and on-chain AI
  • Advice passim nan bull and carnivore markets

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Follow nan money

  1. web3 gaming-focused startup Illuvium raised $12 cardinal successful a Series A information to grow its offerings
  2. Avalanche-based Gunzilla raised $30 cardinal to thief merchandise its caller game, Off The Grid
  3. OrdinalsBot raised complete $3 cardinal to build retired its Bitcoin blockchain-focused information layer
  4. Reya Network raised $10 cardinal for its trading-centric modular layer-2 blockchain
  5. Crypto-powered online casino MyPrize raised $13 million

This database was compiled pinch accusation from Messari arsenic good arsenic TechCrunch’s ain reporting.

What other we’re penning

Want to branch retired from nan world of web3? Here are immoderate articles connected TechCrunch that caught our attraction this week.

  1. Liquid Death is conscionable 1 of galore VC-backed beverage startups fresh to disrupt Coke and Pepsi
  2. New study of unicorn founders finds astir are ‘underdogs,’ and female founders are rising
  3. Facebook snooped connected users’ Snapchat postulation successful concealed project, documents reveal
  4. Nvidia could beryllium primed to beryllium nan adjacent AWS
  5. New Summit is raising a caller $100 cardinal money to backmost ambiance tech and underrepresented money managers