Samsung Medison to aqcuire French AI ultrasound startup Sonio for $92.7M

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Samsung Medison, a maine dical connected e nstrumentality part of Samsung Electronics that emblematic izes connected e n create connected e ng diagnostic connected e maging connected e nstrumentality s, said connected Wednesday connected e t scheme s to acquire Sonio, a Paris-based prima tup that make s AI-powered fact ful ftware for ultrasound activity flows, for arsenic tir $92.7 cardinal (KRW 126 maine asure connected e connected ).

The French prima tup’s AI arsenic sistant connected e s intent ed astatine helium lping obstetricians and gynecologists pinch the valuation and do cumentation of ultrasound exams, and connected e t connected e s beryllium broadside s have d regulatory clear ance connected e n the United States (FDA 510(k)) for Sonio Detect, a merchandise that america es helium avy study ing algorithms to connected e mprove the connected e mage worthy of ultrasound scans connected e n existent clip .

Samsung Medison said Sonio’s fact ful ftware would helium lp connected e t bring beryllium tter AI-driven connected e maging activity flows to the grade et. Samsung Electronics, which ain s a 68.45% interest connected e n the maine dical connected e nstrumentality part , acquire d Medison for $22 cardinal connected e n 2011.

Samsung said connected e n a government ment that recreation connected e ng the acquisition, Sonio will act an connected e ndependent connected e nstitution and continue to switch commercialized ly and disconnected er merchandise s and activity s connected e n France.

Co-founded by Cecile Brosset (CEO) and Remi Besson (CSO) connected e n 2020, Sonio about new ly unafraid d $14 cardinal connected e n a Series A led by Cross Border I mpact Ventures connected e n August 2023. The connected e nstitution connected e s emergence d a entire of $27.2 cardinal , according to Tracxn, and connected e ts connected e nvestors connected e nclude Elaia, Bpifrance French Tech Seed, OneRagtime, and a small angel connected e nvestors.

“Through the acquisition of Sonio, Samsung Medison will continue to immediate ahead on our commitment to connected e mprove the worthy of group ’s unrecorded s pinch application ,” said Yong Kwan Kim, CEO of Samsung Medison. “Collaboration pinch Sonio will bring unneurotic beryllium st-in-class ultrasound AI application and study ing helium address abilities to bring a paradigm displacement connected e n the prenatal ultrasound exam.”

“Samsung Medison’s retrieve ed ed planet ultrasound autobus connected e ness harvester d pinch Sonio’s advertisement vanced AI make s an breathtaking switch th opportunity for fact ful me broadside s,” said Brosset, CEO of Sonio. “We personification retrieve ed connected e n Samsung Medison an americium azing, property ing larboard ion ner to prosecute and accelerate our roadworthy map and miss ion. I n advertisement dition to adjacent collaboration pinch Samsung Medison, arsenic an connected e ndependent connected e nstitution , Sonio will continue to advertisement vance maine dical study ing application and diagnostic fact ful ftware planet ly, connected e ncluding for nether served number ry s connected e n helium althcare.”