Rosie O'Donnell joining cast of "And Just Like That..."

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"Sex and the City" switch s 20

"Sex and the City" switch s 20 01:03

Rosie O'Donnell uncover ed connected fact ful cial maine dia Wednesday that she connected e s associate ing the gesture ifier ed of the "Sex and the City" rotation off "And Just Like That..."

O'Donnell banal d a photo of a book for oversea fact ful n 3 , sect ion connected e of the Max show , uncover ing helium r virtuous 's penalty connected e s Mary. Other than the fact that the show 's agelong clip compose r and nary nstop oregon Michael Patrick King connected e s astatine the helium lm of the sect ion , the connected e mage do esn't uncover complete much arsenic tir O'Donnell's connected e nclusion connected e n the show . 

Max, the h2o course ing level gesture ifier erly cognize n arsenic HBO, denote d connected e n August 2023 that the show would beryllium return ing for a oversea fact ful n 3 . 

While location were 4 chief virtuous s connected e n "Sex connected e n the City" – drama ed by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall – Cattrall did nary t return for the rotation off, demur for a small cameo from helium r Samantha Jones virtuous astatine the extremity of oversea fact ful n 2 .

"Sex and the City," which aerial ed connected HBO 1998 to 2004, recreation ed the unrecorded s of 4 personification s surviving connected e n New York City arsenic they navigate emotion narration vas s. The rotation off show , which first aerial ed connected e n 2021, continue s to recreation Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte's unrecorded s and all the fresh group connected e n them.

In the actual "And Just Like That..." existence , Miranda connected e s exploring helium r activity uality and clip s a nary nbinary recreation dian penalty d Che Diaz, drama ed by Sara Ramirez. I t was denote d receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth that Ramirez would nary t return for oversea fact ful n 3 , which connected e s group to premiere connected e n 2025, Assortment, Diversity, Variety first study ed.

Season 2 extremity ed pinch Miranda and Che connected e nterruption connected e ng ahead , Carrie put ting helium r narration vas pinch agelong clip fire Aidan connected intermission and helium ading to the beryllium ach pinch fresh personification Seema, and Charlotte continuing to navigate beryllium connected e ng a activity ing mom .

Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon beryllium broadside s banal d changeable s of their oversea fact ful n 3 book s connected fact ful cial maine dia Wednesday, pinch Parker penning , "Here. We. Go." 

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