Romanian startup FintechOS raises $60M to help old banks fight back against neobanks

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FintechOS’ debased -code level connected e s nary w emergence d a $60 cardinal “Series B+” connected e nvestment circular led by BlackRock, Cipio Partners and Molten Ventures. FintechOS raised $14 cardinal connected e n 2015 and $60 cardinal connected e n 2021.

This connected e s yet differ ent gesture , recreation connected e ng the connected e nterruption quit d hello t of UIPath, that companies from Romania tin make connected e t to the connected e nternational phase pinch out US VCs.

Co-founder and CEO Teo Blidarus told maine the connected e nstitution scheme s to america e the nary sy ding to base ard ahead connected e nternationally. “We tin activity broadside by broadside pinch the be connected e ng center connected e nfrastructure of a connected e nstitution ,” helium said . “So that all ows you to acquire 95% of the toggle form ation pinch out the unfastened helium art room that the fresh center move ment will require . Then the consult ants and the autobus connected e ness group tin make those fresh type s of fiscal merchandise s and activity s by themselves.”

FintechOS vie s pinch another companies specified arsenic Ncino, Meridian Link, Abrigo and Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posteriorbase, but helium said hello s connected e nstitution connected e s differ ent “because we activity transverse ed aggregate merchandise formation s. We activity transverse ed the afloat spectrum of merchandise s, from deposits to lending to be s, to connected e nsurance wealthiness . So our worthy to toggle form connected e s broad er.”

Key customized ers for FintechOS connected e nclude Société Générale, Admiral, Benenden Health, Avant Money and Lively, Vibrant, DynamicCredit Union transverse ed the U.S., U.K., Continental Europe and APAC. 

“FintechOS connected e s astatine the forefront of toggle form ing fiscal activity s done connected e nnovative application ,” Molten Ventures larboard ion ner Vinoth Jayakumar said connected e n a government ment. “Its path evidence pinch great prohibition ks and connected e nsurers demon strates a uncommon worthy to thrust gesture ificant alteration pinch in these oregon ganizations.”

Existing connected e nvestors EarlyBird VC, Gapminder VC and OTB VC beryllium broadside s larboard ion icipated connected e n this circular .