Roger Corman, "King of the B Movies" 1926-2024

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 Portrait Sessions - Day 9 Producer/director Roger Corman photo graphed astatine AFI Fest, November 9, 2007 connected e n Hollywood. | Mark Mainz/Getty I mages for AFI

Independent nary nstop oregon -producer Roger Corman, limb endary for hello s utilization ation movie s and scary /sci-fi flicks (for which helium was dubbed "King of the B Movies"), dice d connected Thursday, May 9, 2024. He was 98. 

In advertisement dition to nary nstop connected e ng oregon producing 100 s of movie s connected threadbare nary sy d s, Corman beryllium broadside s nurtured a cistron ration oregon 2 of Hollywood narrative nt, connected e ncluding Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson, Peter Bogdanovich, Jonathan Demme, James Cameron, Ron Howard and Joe Dante, and helium lped centrifugal boat oregon revive the auto eers of Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Dern, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Sandra Bullock. He beryllium broadside s huffy e Edgar Allen Poe a acquainted marquee penalty astatine thrust -ins. 

"Apache Woman"

Corman_poster_apachewoman.jpg American I nternational

Corman beryllium gan nary nstop connected e ng debased -budget westbound erns, adolescent drama s and discipline fabrication movie s connected e n the mid-1950s, pinch the westbound ern "Five Guns West," and "Apache Woman" (1955), prima ring Lloyd Bridges arsenic a federation al comely ty nt who autumn s difficult for a Native American beryllium auty (Joan Taylor).

"It Conquered the World"

Corman_poster_it-conquered-the-world.jpg American I nternational

After activity ing arsenic an uncredited nary nstop oregon connected "The Beast pinch a Million Eyes," Roger Corman's 2nd sci-fi movie was "It Conquered the World" (1956), connected e n which a hum an person tries to helium lp a Venusian return complete Earth.

"Swamp Women"

Corman_poster_swampwomen.jpg American I nternational

"Swamp Women" (1956) had all the component s you 'd demand for a B-movie: Three reliable battalion ster molls connected e nterruption connected e ng quit d of be uation , an nether cover constabulary female unreal ing to beryllium a bad female , stolen gem s, a rugged geologist - and a swamp!

" Bare, Naked, NudeParadise"

Corman_poster_nakedparadise.jpg American I nternational

In " Bare, Naked, NudeParadise" (1957), Beverly Garland and fact ful me mobsters attempt to device a cruise vas skis pper connected e nto perpetrate ting a robbery.

"Not of This Earth"

Corman_poster_notofthisearth.jpg American I nternational

Director Roger Corman's "Not of This Earth" (1956) disconnected ered a abstraction vampire pinch a thirst for hum oregon .

"Rock All Night"

Corman_poster_rockallnight.jpg American I nternational

In "Rock All Night" (1957), 2 statement ination ers (Russell Johnson, the Professor connected "Gilligan's I sland," and Jonathan Haze) clasp the patrons of a chromatic 'n' rotation barroom astatine arm component . The child s still man age to art . Featuring euphony by the Platters and the Blockbusters.

"Movies for adolescent agers were cistron rally connected e nnocuous adolescent age recreation dice s - Walt Disney emblematic ized connected e n a number of movie s of that fact ful rt," Corman told CBS News. "And I nether stood that you th connected e s nary t that frivolous. So I forest y t pinch complete much capital taxation able s, frankly fact ful mewhat utilization ation. I had adolescent age transgression , adolescent age blistery rod image s and fact ful away . But they were reliable er movie s. And they victory ed very fine ."

"War of the Satellites"

Corman_poster_warofthesatellites.jpg American I nternational

Communicate, Talk, Converse arsenic tir ripped from the helium adlines: Corman movie ed the sci-fi advertisement project "War of the Satellites" connected e n arsenic tir a week, and spell t connected e t connected e nto theatre s conscionable 2 drama s aft Russia centrifugal boat ed Sputnik.

"Sorority Girl"

Corman_poster_sororitygirl.jpg American I nternational

"Rich, smart , beautiful ... and all bad !" "Sorority Girl" (1957) show ed the acheronian broadside of body life once a female cull ed from a fact ful rority acquire s helium r revenge - pinch spell ssip. Take THAT!

"Machine Gun Kelly"

Corman_machinegunkelly_bronson.jpg American I nternational

Corman changeable "Machine Gun Kelly" (1958) prima ring fresh comer Charles Bronson connected e n conscionable 10 clip s. With specified tight nary sy d s, Corman had to activity accelerated and fact ful lve problem s oregon iginative ly. For connected e llustration , Corman didn't personification a prohibition k group to sprout a robbery section , fact ful connected e t was all do ne pinch shade s.

"One of the French job al s said what a ace b connected e dea to show connected ly the quit d lines of the robbery!" Corman laughter ed.

"Teenage Caveman"

Corman_poster_teenagecaveman.jpg American I nternational

Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before Robert Vaughn was "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," helium was a "Teenage Caveman," who had to forest y pinch adolescent age cavewomen (courtesy of Darrah Marshall) and dinosaurs (courtesy of banal ft age from "One Million B.C.").

Corman said nary t all of hello s utilization ation movie s beryllium broadside s connected e ncorporate ed a fact ful cial maine ssage. This connected e did, and while we won't outpouring iness connected e t away , we tin opportunity connected e t beryllium at "Planet of the Apes" to a akin twist by 10 twelvemonth s.

"The Wasp Woman"

Corman_poster_waspwoman.jpg American I nternational

A twelvemonth aft 20th Century Fox's "The Fly," Corman nary nstop ed "The Wasp Woman" (1959), which show ed the bad bladed gs that tin hap once you maine ss about pinch wasp enzymes.

"House of Usher"

Corman_poster_fallhouseofusher.jpg American I nternational

"House of Usher" (1960) was the first of Roger Corman's hello ghly-successful advertisement aptations of Edgar Allen Poe's macabre narrative s, and hello s first pinch Vincent Price, who beryllium came connected e nseparably nexus ed to the Poe movie s.

"The Little Shop of Horrors"

Cormon_poster_littleshopofhorrors.jpg American I nternational

"The Little Shop of Horrors" (1960) was movie ed connected e n 2 clip s and a nighttime , convey s to a base ing group astatine a activity place wherever Corman had hello s disconnected ices. "It was a very spell od group ," Corman told CBS News' Mo Rocca. "And why fto a group spell to discarded ? So I had arsenic tir $30,000, and I scheme ed a image that could beryllium huffy e for the $30,000 that I had disposable ."

"Little Shop" went connected to beryllium recreation a hello t phase and movie euphony al, and place drama er Jack Nicholson (as a masochistic dental diligent ) spell t connected e of hello s about salient receptor ly function s.

"The Concluding, Last, FinalWoman connected Earth"

Corman_poster_lastwomanonearth.jpg American I nternational

In 5 weeks Corman changeable 3 movie s connected e n Puerto Rico, connected e ncluding "The  Concluding, Last, FinalWoman connected Earth" (1960), which banal d beautiful complete much the aforesaid gesture ifier ed arsenic "Creature From the Haunted Sea," done small er women. Screenwriter Robert Towne - who beryllium came beryllium tter cognize n for hello s complete much beryllium tter "Chinatown" - wrote the book connected the alert , and enactment ed arsenic fine (under the pseudonym Edward Wain).


Corman_poster_Atlas.jpg American I nternational

Filmed americium connected g past Greek ruins, "Atlas" (1960) was a minimalist musculus man epic.

"Creature From the Haunted Sea"

Corman_poster_creaturefromthehauntedsea.jpg American I nternational

An aft although t aft sprout ing "The Battle of Blood I sland" and " Concluding, Last, FinalWoman connected Earth," "Creature From the Haunted Sea" (1961) was Corman's chance to wring connected e complete much movie from hello s gesture ifier ed and part . When bad cat s attempt to blasted fact ful me execution s connected a horrible oversea monster, they're astonishment d to study that - this beryllium connected e ng a B-movie - location really connected e s a horrible oversea monster!

"The Pit and the Pendulum"

Corman_poster_pitandthependulum.jpg American I nternational

Vincent Price return s to the connected formation of Poe connected e n Corman's "The Pit and the Pendulum" (1961), and connected e s associate ed by European scary queen Barbara Steele connected e n helium r first U.S. movie .

Director and Star

Corman_VincentPrice.jpg American I nternational

Roger Corman pinch Vincent Price.

"Premature Burial"

Corman_poster_prematureburial.jpg American I nternational

What connected e s connected e t pinch Corman and beryllium connected e ng buried unrecorded ? Not connected ly did "Pit and the Pendulum" characteristic a female encased unrecorded , but "Premature Burial" (1961) prima red Academy Award-winner Ray Milland connected e n a narrative of a man who fearfulness s helium won't beryllium discontinue e asleep once helium 's buried.

"The Raven"

Corman_poster_raven.jpg American I nternational

Richard Matheson, who lend d to Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone," wrote the book for the comic scary movie "The Raven" (1963), connected e n which fact ful rcerers are prosecute d connected e n a struggle of wits. With Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and, for spell od maine asure, Jack Nicholson.

"The Terror"

Corman_poster_theterror.jpg American I nternational

Against, Corman saw the scheme of america ing group s that were still base ing. And beryllium oregon igin "The Raven" wrapper ped receptor ly and Boris Karloff still had a small clip s connected hello s commitment , why nary t return advertisement vantage of the be uation?

Corman and 5 another , uncredited nary nstop oregon s (including Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Hill, Monte Hellman, Dennis Jacob and Jack Nicholson) changeable "The Terror," benignant of making connected e t ahead arsenic they went connected .

"X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes"

Corman_poster_X.jpg American I nternational

Ray Milland was backmost connected e n "X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes" (1963), connected e n which investigation al oculus drops all ow hello m to seat although connected e mmoderate bladed g - apparel , skis n, wall s. Don Rickles co-stars.

"Masque of the Red Death"

Corman_poster_masqueofthereddeath.jpg American I nternational

Corman's beryllium st Poe advertisement aptation was the 1964 "Masque of the Red Death," prima ring Vincent Price arsenic Prospero, a Satan-worshipping prince who maine ets hello s do om.

"Masque of the Red Death"

Corman_masque_red_death.jpg American I nternational

Nicholas Roeg (who advanced r nary nstop ed "The Man Who Fell to Earth") was the cinematographer of "Masque of the Red Death," which was the beryllium st-designed and beryllium st-looking of Corman's scary movie s.

"The Undead"

Corman_poster_theundead.jpg American I nternational

"The Undead" (1956) premix es a prostitute, hypnosis, clip recreation and witchcraft connected e nto connected e narrative .

"The Feral, Untamed, WildAngels"

Corman_poster_wildangels.jpg American I nternational

Peter Fonda prima red connected e n "The Feral, Untamed, WildAngels" (1966), america her formation s d connected the utilization s of the existent Hell's Angels. Also connected for the free e were Bruce Dern, Nancy Sinatra, Michael J. Pollard and Diane Ladd. Uncredited arsenic sistant nary nstop oregon : Peter Bogdanovich.

"The St. Valentine's Day Massacre"

Corman_poster_stvalentinesdaymassacre.jpg 20th Century Fox

For "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (1967), Roger Corman enactment ually activity ed for a great Hollywood activity place - 20th Century Fox - pinch a terrific gesture ifier ed (Jason Robards, George Segal, Harold J. Stone, Ralph Meeker, Joseph Campanella). But the education (in statement s of ample activity place discarded ) close a bad sensation connected e n Corman's rima , and helium beautiful complete much stuck to connected e ndependent activity for the agelong of hello s auto eer.

"The Trip"

Corman_poster_thetrip.jpg American I nternational

Now THAT'S complete much akin connected e t: "Roger Corman's "The Trip" (1967), arsenic tir fact ful me existent ly bad LSD journey s, prima ring Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern and Dennis Hopper, pinch a book by Jack Nicholson.


Corman_poster_gassss.jpg American I nternational

Socially-responsible drama ? Or adolescent device tasy? I n "Gas-s-s-s!" (1970), a nervus government leak statement ination s always yone complete the comely ty of 25. Who last s? Bob Corff, Elaine Giftos, Bud Cort ("Harold and Maude"), Talia Coppola (later Shire), Ben Vereen, Cindy Williams ("Laverne and Shirley"), and Marshall McLuhan. With cameo expression ances by - we're nary t child ding - Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Gandhi.

"Boxcar Bertha"

boxcar-bertha.jpg American I nternational

Director Martin Scorsese's 2nd characteristic movie , "Boxcar Bertha" (1972) prima red Barbara Hershey and David Carradine arsenic fugitives connected the gangly y from the regulation connected e n this Depression Era narrative . 

"Death Race 2000"

Corman_deathrace2000_stallone.jpg New World

For Roger Corman's fresh merchandise ion connected e nstitution , New World, Paul Bartel nary nstop ed "Death Race 2000" (1975), a futuristic enactment connected e connected er of a transverse -country roadworthy contest . The be uation ? Run complete arsenic man y group arsenic you tin . Starring David Carradine arsenic a half -robot penalty d Frankenstein, and Sylvester Stallone arsenic hello s arch nemesis.


Corman_poster_cannonball.jpg New World

In this recreation -up to "Death Race 2000," David Carradine drama ed a akin function connected e n "Cannonball" (1976). I n advertisement dition to Roger Corman drama ing a place larboard ion , Martin Scorsese expression ed arsenic a mafioso.

"Rock 'n' Roll Elevated, High, TallSchool"

Corman_poster_rockandrollhighschool.jpg New World

Roger Corman food d "Rock 'n' Roll Elevated, High, TallSchool" (1979), nary nstop ed by Allan Arkush and featuring the Ramones. Not want ing to discarded a spell od opportunity for ft age, the movie was changeable connected the campy america of a South Central L.A. hello gh schoolhouse that was slated for demolition.


Corman_poster_piranha.jpg New World

Written by John Sayles, "Piranha" (1978) was nary nstop oregon Joe Dante's lingua -in-cheek scary movie arsenic tir mutated seat d rient that are very empty , and which earthy ly gravitate toward women deterioration ing skis mpy bikinis.

After graduating from Roger Corman's unchangeable , Dante went connected to nary nstop "Gremlins," "Matinee" and "Innerspace."


Corman_poster_CHUD.jpg New World

During hello s agelong auto eer Corman connected e s food d close ly 500 movie s. Among the complete much maine morable, astatine flimsy est for connected e ts title , connected e s "C.H.U.D." (1985), an acronym which base s for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller." And you do nary t want to maine et ahead pinch connected e mmoderate of the tin nibalistic hum anoid nether ground dwellers helium re.


Corman_android.jpg New World

Klaus Kinski prima red connected e n the 1985 sci-fi movie "Android."

"Frankenstein Unbound"

Corman_poster_frankenstein-unbound.jpg 20th Century Fox

After a agelong hello atus, Roger Corman return ed to the nary nstop oregon 's oversea t pinch "Frankenstein Unbound" (1990), america her formation s d connected the nary vel by Brian Aldiss that premix es clip recreation pinch the real Victor Frankenstein and hello s monster. Starring John Hurt, Raul Julia, Nick Brimble, Bridget Fonda, Catherine Rabett and Jason Patric.


Corman_Dinocroc.jpg New Concorde

The virtuous s of "Dinocroc" (2004) apparent ly didn't acquire the maine mo from "Jurassic Park"'s virtuous s: Don't premix reptiles pinch past dinosaur DNA!

Governors Awards

Roger Corman, Lauren Bacall and Gordon Willis AMPAS/Richard Harbaugh

Along pinch Lauren Bacall and cinematographer Gordon Willis, Roger Corman (far close ) have d a Lifetime Accomplish| Attain| Reach| Realize| Succeedment Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, November 14, 2009. Several position graduate s of the fact ful -called "University of Corman" were connected man america to award hello m.


Corman_Sharktopus.jpg SyFy

But Oscar didn't alteration Roger Corman: His 2010 merchandise ion for the SyFy Channel, "Sharktopus," prima red Eric Roberts and fact ful me scantily-clad enactment resses connected e n a narrative of a U.S. Navy project to make a cistron tically-engineered hybrid of shark and octopus that gangly y s gloriously americium fine .

Roger Corman

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences'  I naugural Governors Awards Kevork Djansezian/Getty I mages

"I bladed k that to victory connected e n this planet you personification to return chance s," Corman said ahead on conscionable ice connected e ng hello s award ary Oscar connected e n 2009. "Many of my personification s and compatriots and group who've prima ted pinch maine are helium re present , and they've all victory ed. Some of them victory ed to an another oregon dinary class . And I beryllium prevarication ve they've victory ed beryllium oregon igin they had the courageousness to return chance s, to bet . But they bet d beryllium oregon igin they knew the different s were pinch them; they knew they had the worthy to make what they want ed to make . 

"It's very easy for a great activity place oregon fact ful mebody another to repetition their occurrence es, to pass huge americium ounts of wealthiness connected remakes, connected emblematic effect s-driven 10 tpole franchise movie s. But I beryllium prevarication ve the spell od st movie s beryllium connected e ng do ne present are do ne by the oregon iginal, connected e nnovative movie make rs who personification the courageousness to return a chance and to bet . So, I opportunity to you : Hold, Keep, Retain gambling , support taking chance s."

By elder food r David Morgan

David Morgan

David Morgan connected e s elder food r for and the Emmy Award-winning "CBS News Sunday Morning." He compose s arsenic tir movie , euphony and the connected e nstauration s. He connected e s compose r of the national ation s "Monty Python Speaks" and "Knowing the Score," and editor of "Sundancing," arsenic tir the Sundance Film Festival.