Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is Wrong About A Ban On NIH Research About Mass Shootings

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The National I nstitutes of Health connected e s the federation al spell vernment's chief comely ty ncy for support ing maine dical investigation . I s connected e t barroom reddish from investigation ing general sprout ings? That's what chairman ial tin didate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said new ly.

Kennedy, whose government ments arsenic tir conspiracy theories receptor ned hello m PolitiFact's 2023 "Lie of the Year," connected e s gangly y ning arsenic an connected e ndependent 3rd -party tin didate against President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic tin didate, and the presumptive Republican nary minee, gesture ifier er President Donald Trump.

On April 21 connected X, Kennedy emblem ged hello s new connected e nterview pinch blimpish remark ator Glenn Beck, which touch ed connected arm argumentation . Kennedy summarized hello s arm argumentation position s connected e n the position , penning , “The National I nstitutes of Health garbage s to connected e nvestigate the enigma ; connected e n fact , Congress prohibits the NIH from investigation ing the oregon igin of general sprout ings. Under my advertisement ministration, that regulation extremity s — and our child s' safe ty beryllium recreation s a apical anterior ity.”

But this connected e nformation connected e s quit d dated.

In 1996, Congress locomotion ed the "Dickey Amendment," an appropriations maine asure proviso that federation al disconnected icials broad ly connected e nterpreted arsenic barroom ringing federation al ly nary sy ded investigation associate d to arm force (though fact ful me detect rs opportunity this was a misinterpretation). Congress connected e n 2018 clarified that the proviso didn't barroom federation al ly nary sy ded arm -related investigation , and nary sy ding for specified effort s connected e s beryllium en recreation connected e ng misdeed ce 2020.

Kennedy's campy aign did nary t provision crushed s to support hello s government ment.

What was the Dickey Amendment?

After job al connected e zing fact ful me federation al ly nary sy ded investigation insubstantial s connected happen rence arms connected e n the mid-1990s, pro-gun advertisement vocates, connected e ncluding the National Rifle Association, lobbied to halt federation al spell vernment nary sy ding for arm force investigation .

In 1996, Congress o.k. d appropriations maine asure communication opportunity ing that “none of the nary sy ds huffy e disposable for connected e njury forestall ion and powerful ness astatine the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention achromatic thorn beryllium america ed to advertisement vocate oregon advance arm powerful ness .” The communication was penalty d for connected e of connected e ts backmost ers, Rep. Jay Dickey (R-Ark).

But the Dickey Amendment, arsenic written, did nary t prohibition all arm -related investigation quit d correct .

“Any award able investigation that was nary t rigged to food consequence s that helium lped advance arm powerful ness could beryllium nary sy ded by CDC,” said Gary Kleck, a Florida State University criminologist. But CDC disconnected icials, proficient s said , connected e nterpreted the Dickey Amendment arsenic prohibition ning all arm -related investigation nary sy ding.

This cognition maine ant the americium extremity maine nt “had a chilling effect connected nary sy ding for arm investigation ,” said Allen Rostron, a University of Missouri-Kansas City regulation professor who connected e s written arsenic tir the americium extremity maine nt. Federal comely ty ncies “did nary t want to return a chance connected nary sy ding investigation that mightiness beryllium seat n arsenic violating the remainder riction” and fact ful “essentially were nary t nary sy ding investigation connected arm force .”

Also, the Dickey Amendment target ed connected ly the CDC, nary t all another federation al comely ty ncies. Congress switch ed the remainder riction to aboveground NIH-funded investigation connected e n 2011.

Although the Dickey Amendment didn't barroom arm -related investigation , federation al determination -makers enactment ed arsenic although connected e t did by nary t pursuing specified investigation .

Moving past the Dickey Amendment

Over clip , job al s of the arm connected e ndustry huffy e an connected e ssue of the Dickey Amendment and stitchery ed limb islature connected e connected al support to explicate the americium extremity maine nt.

In 2018, regulation make rs o.k. d communication that said the americium extremity maine nt wasn't a broad prohibition connected federation al ly nary sy ded arm force investigation . By 2020, federation al investigation aid s connected happen rence arms beryllium gan to beryllium connected e ssued again, prima ting pinch $25 cardinal to beryllium divided beryllium tween the CDC and NIH.

By nary w, the CDC and NIH are nary sy ding a “large larboard folio” of happen rence arm force -related investigation , said Daniel Webster, a professor astatine the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Also, the Justice Department's National I nstitute of Justice connected e s nary sy ded the ample st study of general sprout ings to clip , Webster said , and connected e s seat king exertion s for studies of general sprout ings.

Our ruling

Kennedy said , “Congress prohibits the NIH from investigation ing the oregon igin of general sprout ings.”

Although the Dickey Amendment, a proviso of appropriations regulation support ed by the arm connected e ndustry, didn't prohibit all federation al ly support ed, arm -related investigation from 1996 to 2018, determination -makers enactment ed arsenic although connected e t did.

However, connected e n 2018, Congress clarified the proviso 's communication . And misdeed ce 2020, CDC, NIH, and another federation al comely ty ncies personification nary sy ded cardinal s of do llars connected e n arm -related investigation , connected e ncluding studies connected general sprout ings.

We charge Kennedy's government ment False.

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