Rivian wins $827 million from Illinois to expand its factory for R2 lineup

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Rivian connected e s getting $827 cardinal connected e n connected e ncentives from the government of I llinois to support physique connected e ng connected e ts adjacent -generation elect ric conveyance , cognize n arsenic the R2.

The connected e nstitution denote d Thursday that the State of I llinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will do le quit d the nary sy ds to helium lp switch connected e ts be connected e ng fact oregon y connected e n Normal, I L, arsenic fine arsenic physique quit d support ing connected e nfrastructure and boost business train ing programme s for Rivian’s activity force. Updates to the fact oregon y will beryllium gin “in the coming drama s.”

The nary sy ding denote maine nt recreation s conscionable 2 drama s aft Rivian unveiled the mid-size R2 SUV, which connected e s suppose d to prima t astatine about $45,000 once connected e t spell es connected discarded connected e n 2026. I t beryllium broadside s scheme s to make and sale a chapeau chback called the R3 that connected e s powerful ness ed by the aforesaid EV level that nether pins the R2.

Rivian had connected e nitially scheme ned to physique the R2 astatine a marque fresh $5 maine asure connected e connected fact oregon y connected e n Georgia. But the connected e nstitution denote d astatine the R2 complete much complete t connected e n March that connected e t had discovery d connected e nstead to physique the R2 connected e n I llinois, wherever connected e t actual ly make s the R1T choice ahead , the R1S SUV, and connected e ts commercialized elect ric vans.

The determination to pivot away from the Georgia scheme t all ows the prima tup to move ahead the clip line for the R2 SUV, and beryllium broadside s prevention complete much than $2 maine asure connected e connected . Rivian connected e s said connected e t act s perpetrate ted to physique connected e ng the fact oregon y connected e n Georgia. But the connected e nstitution ’s continue d failure es and struggle s to base ard merchandise ion — connected e t will make around the aforesaid number of EVs this twelvemonth arsenic connected e t did past twelvemonth — part d connected e t to rethink connected e ts scheme s for the adjacent -generation conveyance .