Ring the alarm bells, the iPhone alarm isn’t working

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After many users complained astir their alarms ringing silently connected iPhones, Apple said that it is alert of nan rumor and is moving connected a fix.

Wall Street Journal newsman Joanna Stern and NBC analogous Emilie Ikeda said that Apple confirmed that it is moving connected an rumor of immoderate users’ alarms not playing a sound. NBC’s Today Show ran a conception highlighting nan rumor successful Apple’s timepiece app.

If your siren hasn't gone disconnected recently, you’re not unsocial ⏰

Apple says it is alert of an rumor causing immoderate iPhone alarms to not play nan expected sound and says it is moving connected a fix. @emilieikedanbc reports connected nan details. pic.twitter.com/poCvYwLvgg

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 30, 2024

While nan institution said it is moving connected issuing a patch, it hasn’t specified nan timeline for rolling retired nan hole yet.

A fewer users connected TikTok person blamed nan “attention awareness” characteristic of iOS, which checks if you are paying attraction to nan surface to not dim nan surface aliases little nan measurement of immoderate alerts. However, nan institution hasn’t said if that peculiar characteristic is causing nan issue.

We person asked Apple for much specifications and will update nan communicative if we perceive back.

In nan meantime, get your aged analog siren timepiece retired for backup until this rumor is fixed.