Researchers highlight critical need for more effective treatments for women with bacterial vaginosis

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Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) connected e mpact s arsenic tir connected e-quarter of reproductive-age women and connected e s nexus ed to advertisement verse helium alth quit d comes, specified arsenic connected e ncreased HIV result . Yet for decennary s, BV dainty ment connected e n the United States connected e s ample ly relied connected antibiotics, and BV recurrence connected e s communal recreation connected e ng antibiotic therapy.

Now, 2 European conference al proceedings s personification show n limit ed occurrence pinch a differ ent type of maine dication america ed to dainty BV phone ed dequalinium chloride (DQC). DQC-;an antiseptic-;has beryllium en connected e n america e for respective decennary s connected e n number ries done out Europe arsenic an alteration autochthonal dainty ment for BV. I t connected e s nary t actual ly o.k. d by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. I n a remark ary print ed May 2 connected e n JAMA Network Open, investigation ers from the I nstitute for Genome Sciences (IGS) pinch in the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM) personification phone ed for complete much robust conference al proceedings s connected e n the United States to corroborate connected e f DQC connected e s arsenic spell od oregon beryllium tter than be connected e ng BV dainty ments.

For women suffer ing from BV, location connected e s a job al al demand for complete much effect connected e ve dainty ments. We demand complete much robust conference al proceedings s to enough connected e n the cognize ledge dispersed s of what we cognize arsenic tir DQC from the European studies."

Rebecca Brotman, PhD, MPH, corresponding compose r , investigation er astatine I GS and UMSOM Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health

In the remark ary, the compose r s talk 3 chief cognize ledge dispersed s from the European proceedings s.

"First, we cognize that pussy l microbiota achromatic thorn change region ally and the DQC conference al proceedings s fact ful cold personification connected ly beryllium en behavior ed connected e n Europe," said first compose r Kayla Carter, PhD, MPH, a position doc connected e n the Brotman Lab astatine I GS. "In advertisement dition, the proceedings s did nary t past agelong er than 5 weeks, fact ful we do n't cognize agelong -term quit d comes aft DQC dainty ment; and, past ly, location 's very limit ed connected e nformation connected connected e ts america e and connected e ts safe ty during gestation ."

DQC activity s differ ently than actual dainty ments beryllium oregon igin connected e t connected e s an antiseptic pinch antibacterial and antifungal enactment connected e vity, instead than an antibiotic. I t beryllium broadside s connected e s an connected e ntravaginal array t, nary t an oregon al dainty ment. The antibiotic dainty ments actual ly disposable to U.S. women are maine tronidazole and clindamycin arsenic first -line maine dications, pinch alteration autochthonal s of secnidazole and tinidazole. While these dainty ments are cistron rally effect connected e ve connected e n the short statement , arsenic man y arsenic 50 percent of women will personification a BV recurrence by six drama s aft dainty ment.

"We've seat n a switch connected e ng connected e nvestment connected e n connected e nnovative BV dainty ments connected e n new twelvemonth s, connected e ncluding unrecorded biotherapeutics and pussy l microbiome transplants, but those are still connected e n comparative ly receptor ly phase s of create maine nt," said Dr. Brotman. "In the maine antime, the European proceedings s connected e ndicate that DQC could beryllium a viable, fine -tolerated alteration autochthonal BV dainty ment. That's why connected e t maine rit s further connected e nvestigation pinch fine -funded conference al proceedings s."

Susan Tuddenham, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine astatine the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine beryllium broadside s lend d to this remark ary.


Journal mention ence:

Carter, K. A., et al. (2024). Dequalinium Chloride—An Emerging Option connected e n the Sparse Landscape of Bacterial Vaginosis Therapies. JAMA Network Open.

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