Researchers develop tool to identify osteoarthritis pain in horses

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Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers introduced a straightforward questionnaire to thief equine owners place and show signs of osteoarthritis symptom successful their equine companions. This inaugural intends to facilitate earlier and much effective treatment, yet enhancing nan value of life for horses.

Created by Dr. Janny de Grauw, Senior Lecturer astatine The Royal Veterinary College successful nan United Kingdom, Bryony Lancaster, Program Director, MSc Equine Science of nan University of Edinburgh and Dr. Diane Howard, nan questionnaire is modeled aft nan Brief Pain Inventory utilized to measure symptom severity and its effect connected functioning.

Horses are different long-lived diversion species, and location is immoderate thought that arthritis studies successful horses whitethorn besides use to people, truthful having a akin instrumentality could thief pinch that research. The questionnaire tin besides service arsenic an nonsubjective instrumentality for veterinarians to measure and show nan adequacy of curen plans and truthful find if changes successful a protocol request to beryllium made."

Dr. Diane Howard

A preliminary proceedings of nan questionnaire, which progressive 25 owners/caretakers of horses diagnosed pinch arthritis, revealed that 88% of participants recovered nan questionnaire beneficial, while 84% appreciated its simplicity and easiness of use.

One important penetration from nan study highlighted by Howard is that galore equine owners blasted themselves for their horse's arthritis aliases judge it to beryllium a earthy occurrence beyond treatment.

"In general, it's not nan proprietor aliases trainer's fault, and erstwhile they recognize that, they could beryllium much consenting to think, 'Maybe my equine is hurting a bit, and possibly it's arthritis,'" Howard said. "There are presently nary ways of curing it, but location are surely ways of controlling nan symptom and slowing nan advancement of nan disease."


Journal reference:

Howard, D. L., et al. (2024). Development and Preliminary Validation of an Equine Brief Pain Inventory for Owner Assessment of Chronic Pain Due to Osteoarthritis successful Horses. Animals.


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