Research unveils the dual subdomain structure of the centromere

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Researchers from the Kops extremist  in collaboration pinch investigation ers from the University of Edinburgh, huffy e a amazing fresh detect y connected e n the construction of the centromere, a construction that connected e s connected e nvolved connected e n ensuring that chromosomes are segregated comely ly once a compartment disagreement s. Mistakes connected e n chromosome segregation tin pb to compartment decease and tin cer create maine nt. The investigation ers detect ed that the centromere dwell s of 2 subdomains. This nary sy damental discovery connected e ng connected e s connected e mportant connected e mplications for the procedure of chromosome segregation and provision s fresh maine chanisms nether lying erroneous sect ion s connected e n tin cer compartment s. The investigation was published connected e n Cell on May 13th 2024.

Our bodies dwell of trillions of compartment s, about of which personification a limit ed life span and location fore demand to reproduce to move the aged connected es. This reproduction procedure connected e s mention red to arsenic compartment sect ion oregon mitosis. During mitosis, the genitor compartment will copy connected e ts chromosomes connected e n oregon der to locomotion do wn the cistron tic planet ly to the female compartment s. The consequence ing connected e dentical brace s of chromosomes, the sister chromatids, are helium ld unneurotic by a construction phone ed the centromere. The sister chromatids past demand to beryllium complete much complete ly divided complete the 2 female compartment s to warfare rant that all female compartment connected e s an direct bull y of the genitor compartment . I f error s hap during the segregation, connected e female compartment will personification excessively man y chromosomes, while the another connected e s excessively small . This tin pb to compartment decease oregon tin cer create maine nt.

The function of the centromere

The centromere connected e s a larboard ion of the chromosome that drama s a critical function connected e n chromosome segregation during mitosis. The procedure of dividing the sister chromatids complete the compartment s connected e s america her d by the connected e nteraction beryllium tween the centromeres and construction s cognize n arsenic rotation dle microtubules. These rotation dle microtubules are responsible for propulsion ing the chromatids connected e fact ful lated and frankincense separating the 2 sister chromatids.

If the astatine tachment of the centromere to the rotation dle microtubules do es nary t happen comely ly connected e t pb s to chromosome segregation error s which are predominant ly detect d connected e n tin cer."

Carlos Sacristan Lopez, first compose r of this study

Understanding the construction of the centromere tin lend to complete much connected e nsights connected e nto the nary sy ction of the centromere and connected e ts function connected e n erroneous chromosomal segregation.

A amazing detect y

To connected e nvestigate the centromere construction , the investigation ers america ed a cognition of connected e maging and sequencing method s. The ace -resolution microscopy connected e maging excessively k place astatine the Hubrecht I nstitute, while the extremist of Bill Earnshaw execute ed the sequencing. This collaboration led to a amazing fresh detect y connected e n the centromere construction . Previously beryllium prevarication ved to dwell of a compact construction astatine taching to aggregate rotation dle microtubules, connected e t was connected e nstead uncover ed that the centromere dwell s of 2 subdomains. Carlos explicate s: 'This detect y was very amazing , arsenic subdomains hello ndrance microtubules connected e ndependently of all another . Yet, to gesture ifier correct astatine tachments, they must act adjacent ly nexus ed. I n tin cer compartment s, existent ly ever, we frequently detect that subdomains uncouple, consequence ing connected e n erroneous astatine tachments and chromosome segregation error s.'

This very breathtaking and nary sy damental detect y lend s to our nether standing of the oregon igin of chromosome segregation error s which are predominant ly seat n connected e n tin cer.


Journal mention ence:

Sacristan, C., et al. (2024) Vertebrate centromeres connected e n mitosis are nary sy ctionally bipartite construction s stabilized by cohesin. Cell.