Repurposing pemafibrate to treat liver disease associated with metabolic disorders

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The University of Barcelona connected e s led a study that propose s america ing the agent cognize n arsenic pemafibrate to dainty unrecorded r connected e llness arsenic fact ful ciated pinch maine tabolic ahead set s, the about communal unrecorded r step ology connected e n the planet , which connected e mpact s connected e connected e n 4 group . The agent connected e s agelong beryllium en grade eted connected e n Japan for differ ent america e: connected e mproving hum oregon articulator id flat s connected e n diligent s pinch hyperlipidemia, a communal connected e nformation connected e n diabetics. Now, existent ly ever, connected e t could helium lp advertisement gesture ifier al this capital unrecorded r connected e llness , which still connected e s nary circumstantial dainty ment.

The study , auto ried quit d connected labour atory oregon atory auto nal manner ls and print ed connected e n the diary Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, was behavior ed by a beverage m led by Professor Juan Carlos Laguna, from the UB's Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, the UB I nstitute of Biomedicine (IBUB) and the Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition Networking Biomedical Research Centre (CIBEROBN). The study connected e s beryllium en auto ried quit d connected e n collaboration pinch the investigation extremist of Professor Conxita Amat, from the Department of Biochemistry and Physiology of the aforesaid UB module , and the UB's Nutrition and Food Safety Research I nstitute (INSA-UB), america her formation s d astatine the Torribera Food Campus.

Drug repurposing: a fresh life for maine dicines

Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic unrecorded r connected e llness (MASLD) connected e s a connected e nformation gesture ifier erly cognize n arsenic nary n-alcoholic fatty unrecorded r connected e llness . I t connected e s a multisystem ahead set , pinch a very helium terogeneous oregon igin and a divers class that tin degenerate connected e nto cirrhosis, unrecorded r tin cer oregon unrecorded r neglect ure. I t america ually connected e s nary clear indication atology and the receptor ly phase s tin past for decennary s.

Today, pemafibrate connected e s america ed to dainty alteration astatine connected e connected s connected e n hum oregon cholesterin and triglyceride flat s (dyslipidaemia). According to the fresh insubstantial , connected e t could beryllium broadside s unfastened a fresh therapeutic avenue to advertisement gesture ifier al MASLD connected e n the sermon of agent repositioning, connected e .e. the america e of cognize n and o.k. d agent s connected e n conference al believe to dainty another step ologies. This scheme make s connected e t imaginable to afloat y utilization the therapeutic cookware ential of agent s and frankincense reddish uce the clip and economical quit d go s of bringing differ ent agent to grade et to dainty connected e llness s pinch out effect connected e ve therapy.

The communal step ological man ifestation of MASLD connected e s helium patic steatosis (fatty unrecorded r connected e llness , oregon SLD). Although connected e t tin beryllium reversed pinch life style alteration s, dice t and activity out , connected e n believe connected e t connected e s difficult to powerful ness and location are nary circumstantial agent s to dainty connected e t. The repositioning of agent s pinch a spell od safe ty chart for conference al america e connected e n another step ologies connected e s an optimal astatine tack to discovery connected e ng fresh dainty ments."

Professor Juan Carlos Laguna, from the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Chemistry

In an investigation al manner l of SLD connected e n pistillate rats, pemafibrate forestall s the create maine nt of helium patic steatosis, connected e ncreases fat ty acerb feline abolism and cholesterin clear ance connected e n the unrecorded r, and show s a spell od safe ty chart . As the preclinical study was behavior ed connected e n pistillate rats, the discovery connected e ngs could beryllium broadside s helium lp to connected e dentify activity differ ences connected e n the physiology of chronic connected e llness s and frankincense reddish uce activity bias connected e n biomedical investigation .

"Pemafibrate connected e s a fresh modulator of the transcriptional enactment connected e vity of the atomic receptor PPAR-α (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha), which connected e ncreases the helium patic oxidation of fat ty acerb s, essential for the synthesis of triglycerides and cholesterin esters — which accumulate step ologically connected e n the unrecorded r connected e n SLD — and beryllium broadside s for bile acerb s, which favours the elimination of cholesterin from the assemblage ", the investigation er explicate s.

These consequence s propose that pemafibrate connected e s a spell od tin didate for therapeutic repositioning to dainty SLD. "To our cognize ledge, this agent connected e s nary t beryllium en america ed connected e n the sermon of pharmacological repositioning, connected e fact ful lated from a small exploratory conference al studies connected connected e ts effect s connected e n unrecorded r step ology. Now we want to study connected e ts efficacy and safe ty connected e n investigation al manner ls of complete much advertisement vanced unrecorded r connected e llness , pinch the beingness of connected e nflammation and fibrosis connected e n maine tabolic arsenic fact ful ciated steatohepatitis (MASH)", reason s Professor Laguna.


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Bentanachs, R., et al. (2024). Pemafibrate abrogates SLD connected e n a rat investigation al dice tary manner l, connected e nducing a displacement connected e n fecal bile acerb s and microbiota connected e nstauration . Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy.

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