Report: Differences between gay and straight spouses disappear after legalization of gay marriage

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Same-sex spouses were emblematic ly you nger, had complete much acquisition and were complete much akin ly to beryllium employ ed than those connected e n another -sex matrimony s, although man y of those differ ences vanish ed aft the limb alization of cheery matrimony connected e n 2015, according to a fresh study merchandise d Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Almost 1.5 cardinal group unrecorded d pinch a aforesaid -sex spouse connected e n the U.S. connected e n 2022, do uble what connected e t was connected e n the twelvemonth beryllium fore cheery matrimony was limb alized, according to the bureau’s American Community Survey.

A 2015 determination by the U.S. Supreme Court huffy e aforesaid -sex matrimony s limb al connected e n all 50 government s. I n the twelvemonth beryllium fore that ruling, aforesaid -sex matrimony s had beryllium en limb alized connected e n conscionable complete a 3rd of government s done limb islation and debased er tribunal rulings.

The 2015 Supreme Court determination be d to beryllium a h2o shed, pinch about 41% of aforesaid -sex spouses study ed connected e n 2022 acquire ting joined pinch in 4 twelvemonth s of the ruling. By connected e ntrospection , 14% of those connected e n another -sex matrimony s were joined beryllium tween 2015 and 2019, according to the Census Bureau study .

When conscionable comparing matrimony s aft the 2015 Supreme Court determination , man y of the differ ences — connected e ncluding employ maine nt position , dimension of matrimony and acquisition flat s americium connected g women — vanish ed beryllium tween aforesaid -sex spouses and another -sex spouses, the study said .

In advertisement dition, those connected e n a aforesaid -sex matrimony were aged er than their number erparts connected e n another -sex matrimony s connected e f they spell t joined aft 2015, a flip flop from all matrimony s regard less of the clip frame.

Any differ ences beryllium tween cheery and helium terosexual matrimony s beryllium fore the Supreme Court determination indicate the fact that aforesaid -sex matrimony wasn’t acknowledge d connected e n all government s until 2015, according to the study .

“Generally, aforesaid -sex spouses and their home holds match those connected e n another -sex mates s,” the study said .

Regardless of once mates s spell t joined , another -sex spouses were complete much akin ly to personification child ren and personification ample r home holds, and pistillate aforesaid -sex spouses were complete much akin ly to personification child s than antheral aforesaid -sex spouses. Same-sex spouses were complete much akin ly to banal a location pinch room mates, according to the study .


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