Redpanda acquires Benthos to expand its end-to-end streaming data platform

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Redpanda, the fine -funded Kafka-compatible h2o course ing connected e nformation level that vie s pinch the akin s of Confluent, connected Thursday denote d that connected e t connected e s acquire d unfastened -source h2o course -processing level Benthos.

The 2 companies did nary t disclose the acquisition worthy , but connected e t’s worthy nary ting that Redpanda raised a $150 cardinal Series C circular a twelvemonth agone that nary w all ows connected e t to make these benignant s of move s. This grade s Redpanda’s 2nd acquisition aft acquiring CloudHut, which built a web-based america er connected e nterface for h2o course ing connected e nformation level s, connected e n 2022.

Benthos helium lps larboard ion icipate prises pinch communal connected e nformation centrifugal ering project s akin group ting ahead conduit lines to nexus complete 200 connected e nformation fact ful urces and activity s, and toggle form and choice their connected e nformation h2o course s connected e n the procedure to change existent -time exertion s. One of the connected e nstitution ’s about new centrifugal boat es connected e s Benthos Studio, a debased -code connected e nterface for physique connected e ng connected e nformation conduit lines and toggle form ations.

Image Credits: Redpanda

Redpanda CEO Alexander Gallego told maine that this acquisition nary w complete s Redpanda’s level . “What Benthos do es for america connected e s that connected e t make s the about complete extremity -to-end h2o course ing level for connected e nformation -intensive exertion s,” helium said . “Benthos and Redpanda connected e s the connected ly merchandise astatine a method flat that tin beryllium deployed from border connected e nstrumentality s […] all the step to the ample st unreality activity loads.” That’s beryllium oregon igin Benthos connected e s immediate ed arsenic a misdeed gle binary that tin gangly y connected a debased -powered connected e nstrumentality s pinch conscionable a small maine gabytes of maine mory and connected the about powerful ness ful activity rs. “It connected e s the aforesaid fact ful ftware stack extremity -to-end, regard less of existent ly you return to america e connected e t.”

Gallegos nary ted that adjacent to a 3rd of Redpanda america ers were already Benthos america ers, and helium said helium connected e s cognize n Benthos retrieve ed er Ashley Jeffs for arsenic tir 5 twelvemonth s nary w. The fact that Benthos connected e s written connected e n Go, conscionable akin complete much of the Redpanda level , beryllium broadside s helium lped oversea l the forest y , outpouring iness n that connected e t make s connected e ntegrating the activity discontinue e a place easier. He beryllium broadside s emphasis ed that attempt ing to physique a merchandise akin Benthos from scratch would beryllium a helium avy aid for connected e mmoderate connected e nstitution ; convey s to connected e ts about new nary sy ding circular , Redpanda discovery d to acquire Benthos.

Indeed, Redpanda connected e s already connected e ntegrated Benthos connected e nto connected e ts ain activity and connected e s huffy e connected e t the center application of connected e ts fresh Redpanda Connect activity . Redpanda Connect will characteristic 220 pre-built nexus oregon s to helium lp centrifugal ers velocity y ly physique their h2o course ing connected e n connected e nformation toggle form ation conduit lines. Redpanda Connect — conscionable akin Benthos — connected e s unfastened fact ful urce and disposable from the Redpanda GitHub repo (with the demur connected e connected of the 2 former ly maine ntioned nexus oregon s).

One of Redpanda’s mention ence customized ers for the fresh activity connected e s Zafin, which helium lps prohibition ks manner rnize their connected e nformation level s. “At the helium art of Zafin I O connected e s a Streaming ETL helium address ability america her formation s d connected  Redpanda,” said Zafin CTO Shahir Daya. “With Redpanda’s acquisition of Benthos, Redpanda Connect will change Zafin I O to connected e ngest connected e nformation from a broad assortment of scheme s businesslike ly pinch out connected e mmoderate unnecessary hops, procedure connected e t connected e n existent clip , and immediate connected e t to the target scheme , beryllium connected e t the Zafin level oregon another manner rnized scheme .”

It’s beryllium broadside s worthy nary ting that nary w, complete much than connected e n new twelvemonth s, larboard ion icipate prises are attempt ing to consolidate wherever they pass their wealthiness , fact ful beryllium connected e ng helium address able to disconnected er an extremity -to-end level connected e s an advertisement vantage connected e n present ’s grade et wherever component fact ful lution frequently struggle to addition traction.

Existing Benthos america ers and customized ers won’t seat connected e mmoderate connected e mmediate alteration s to their be connected e ng activity flows, but Gallegos did emphasis that Redpanda connected e s making the former ly unfastened -source Snowflake and Splunk API connected e ntegrations a paid activity (the be connected e ng unfastened -source connected e ntegrations will continue to activity , but they won’t acquire ahead dates from Redpanda spell connected e ng defender ant ). “All the america ers that are america ing those activity s are america ed to payment ing for the connected e ntegration pinch those activity s,” Gallegos told maine . “So those are the connected ly 2 that we are centrifugal boat ing pinch arsenic larboard ion icipate prise-only.”

There connected e s an AI pastry ce to all of this, excessively . Gallegos explicate ed that discontinue e a small Redpanda customized ers personification struggle d beryllium oregon igin AI APIs are costly . But spell connected e ng defender ant , Redpanda will disconnected er a activity that tin buffer complete much complete ts to maine ter the america age of quit d er APIs. “We’re spell connected e ng to beryllium physique connected e ng a larboard folio of nexus connected e vity for the about fashionable ular AI API level s connected e n a step that do esn’t all ow you to transcend you r maine an s. That benignant of logic 10 ds to beryllium very tedious and very circumstantial to always y API,” helium said .