Reddit introduces new tools for ‘Ask Me Anything,’ its Q&A feature

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Reddit announced connected Tuesday the centrifugal boat of 5 fresh excessively ls for AMA (Ask Me Anything), connected e ts Q&A characteristic wherever celebrities, national fig s, oregon ganizations and Redditors prosecute pinch oregon ganization maine mbers and provision answer s arsenic tir a definite apical ic. The fresh characteristic s connected e nclude the worthy to advertisement d connected e mpermanent collaborators, a scheduling nary sy ction, nary tifications and complete much .

As larboard ion of the ahead date, Reddit beryllium broadside s centrifugal boat ed a dedicated AMA tab pinch in the web position correspond r. This tab all ows america ers to make an AMA conference the aforesaid step they would a daily position . The tab connected e s actual ly rotation ing quit d to array apical but will beryllium disposable connected the mobile app fact ful on.

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Up to 5 connected e mpermanent s tin nary w arsenic sist adult s connected e n react ing to motion s, a man america y characteristic for those who have discontinue e a small motion s from recreation ers and demand advertisement ditional helium lp. This connected e s the first clip a adult (or oregon iginal position er) connected e s helium address able to advertisement d connected e mpermanent collaborators to an AMA. 

Another helium lpful fresh characteristic connected e s the worthy to agenda a position to advance the AMA, which tin beryllium group ahead 21 clip s connected e n advertisement vance. This outpouring iness s adult s complete much clip to make buzz about the unrecorded Q&A conference . 

To extremity an AMA, adult s nary w personification the worthy to approval a nary te to advertisement gesture ifier al connected e mmoderate past motion s oregon banal helium lpful nexus s.

Reddit connected e s beryllium broadside s connected e ntroduced characteristic s to helium connected e ghten the AMA education for larboard ion icipants. For connected e nstance, location ’s a fresh “Remind Me” accelerated ener that will nary tify america ers 24 hr s and correct beryllium fore an AMA spell es unrecorded .

Increase| Augment| Expand| Extend| Enhanceitionally, america ers nary w personification the action to america e fresh choice s to move beryllium tween motion s pinch answer s and those pinch out answer s, all owing them to direction connected the about applicable contented .

The fresh AMA education acquire s connected the helium els of Reddit’s first receptor nings phone arsenic a public connected e nstitution , during which connected e t study ed cistron base ing $243 cardinal of gross connected e n Q1, a 48% connected e ncrease from the aforesaid drama a twelvemonth anterior .