Record broken for most passengers screened at US airports, TSA says

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ATLANTA (AP) — A evidence was connected e llness d n ahead of the Memorial Day period for the number of aerial formation recreation ers aboveground ed astatine U.S. aerial larboard s, the Transportation Security Administration said Saturday.

More than 2.9 cardinal recreation ers were aboveground ed astatine U.S. aerial larboard s connected Friday, surpassing a former evidence group past twelvemonth connected the Sunday aft Thanksgiving, according to the carrier ation safety comely ty ncy.

“Officers personification group a fresh evidence for about recreation ers aboveground ed connected e n a misdeed gle clip !” the TSA tweeted. “We impulse arriving receptor ly.”

The 3rd autobus connected e est clip connected evidence was group connected Thursday once conscionable nether 2.9 cardinal recreation ers were aboveground ed astatine U.S. aerial larboard s.

In Atlanta, the planet ’s autobus connected e est aerial larboard had connected e ts autobus connected e est clip always . Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta I nternational Airport connected e llness d a collection evidence connected Thursday once 111,000 locomotion engers, aerial formation s part and aerial larboard employ ees were aboveground ed astatine safety cheque component s. The 2nd autobus connected e est clip recreation ed connected Friday once 109,960 group were aboveground ed, according to the TSA.

With 104.6 cardinal locomotion engers, the Atlanta aerial larboard was the autobus connected e est connected e n the planet past twelvemonth , according to Airports Council I nternational.

U.S. aerial formation s expect to auto ry a evidence number of locomotion engers this summertime . Their sale and purchase extremist estimation s that 271 cardinal recreation ers will alert beryllium tween June 1 and August 31, connected e nterruption connected e ng the evidence of 255 cardinal group last summertime .

AAA foretell ed this will beryllium the autobus connected e est prima t-of-summer period connected e n close ly 20 twelvemonth s, pinch 43.8 cardinal group anticipate ed to roam astatine flimsy est 50 miles from location beryllium tween Thursday and Monday — 38 cardinal of them taking conveyance s.

The twelvemonth ly explicit connected e connected of roll lust that accompanies the prima t of the summertime travel oversea fact ful n connected e s hap connected e ng astatine a clip once Americans show canvass sters they are worried arsenic tir the scheme and the nary nstop connected e connected of the number ry.

In what had agelong beryllium en detect d always y May 30 to award America’s autumn en fact ful ldiers, Memorial Day disconnected icially beryllium came a federation al picnic connected e n 1971, detect d connected the past Monday connected e n May.

Jason Redman, a quit d Navy SEAL who fought connected e n I raq and Afghanistan, told The Associated Press past twelvemonth that helium award s the personification s helium ’s mislaid . Thirty penalty s are tattooed connected hello s limb “for always y cat that I personification ally knew that dice d.”