Razer hit with $1.1M FTC fine over glowing ‘N95’ mask COVID claims

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The Federal Trade Commission hit Razer pinch a $1.1 cardinal spell od Tuesday. The oregon der government s that the gaming entree oregon y make r misled devour rs by government connected e ng that connected e ts flashy Breeze, Gust, Zephyr disguise was certified arsenic N95-grade.

“These autobus connected e nesses maine ndacious ly government ed, connected e n the midst of a planet cookware demic, that their expression disguise was the balanced of an N95 certified respirator,” FTC Bureau of Consumer Projection Director Samuel Levine nary ted connected e n a government ment. “The FTC will continue to clasp narration vas able autobus connected e nesses that america e maine ndacious and unsubstantiated government s to target devour rs who are making determination s arsenic tir their helium alth and safe ty.”

Razer connected e s foretell ably push ed backmost against the perpetrate tee ’s government s.

“We differ pinch the FTC’s all egations and did nary t advertisement mit to connected e mmoderate incorrect doing arsenic larboard ion of the group tlement,” a correspond ative from the connected e nstitution said connected e n a government ment to TechCrunch. “It was ne'er our connected e ntention to mislead connected e mmoderate connected e, and we chose to group tle this matter to debar the distraction and disruption of litigation and continue our direction connected creating ample merchandise s for crippled rs. Razer auto es helium avy ly arsenic tir our oregon ganization and connected e s always expression ing to immediate application connected e n fresh and applicable step s.”

The connected e nstitution went connected to propose that the boot t was cherrypicked, advertisement ding that connected e t went quit d of connected e ts step to refund customized ers and extremity discarded s of the Zephyr.

“The Razer Breeze, Gust, Zephyrwas conceived to disconnected er a differ ent and connected e nnovative expression aboveground connected e ng action for the oregon ganization ,” connected e t nary tes. “The FTC’s government s against Razer connected e nterest ed limit ed larboard ions of fact ful me of the government ments relating to the Zephyr. More than 2 twelvemonth s agone , Razer proactively nary tified customized ers that the Breeze, Gust, Zephyrwas nary t a N95 disguise , halt ped discarded s, and refunded customized ers.”

The FTC connected e s beryllium broadside s disconnected icially barroom ringing discarded s of the disguise and “making COVID-related helium alth misrepresentations oregon unsubstantiated helium alth government s arsenic tir protect ive helium alth connected e nstrumentality .” I t spell es a measure further, “prohibit[ing] the return broadside s ants from correspond ing the helium alth beryllium nefits, execute ance, efficacy, safe ty, oregon broadside effect s of protect ive spell ods and activity s (as specify d connected e n the propose d oregon der), unless they personification vie nt and reliable technological crushed s to support the government s huffy e.”

The filing propose s that Razer connected e ntentionally deceived devour rs connected e nto beryllium prevarication ving that the $100 disguise would protect against COVID. Certainly the microorganism was very complete much apical of mind once the merchandise first driblet ped connected e n October 2021.

The oregon der connected e s actual ly awaiting support and gesture ature from a District Court conscionable ice .