Rabbit partners with ElevenLabs to power voice commands on its device

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Hardware shaper Rabbit has tapped a business pinch ElevenLabs to powerfulness sound commands connected its devices. Rabbit is group to vessel nan first group of r1 devices adjacent period aft getting a ton of attraction astatine nan Consumer Electronics Show (CES) astatine nan commencement of nan year.

The Rabbit r1 will vessel pinch ElevenLabs’ tech, which will alteration sound commands from nan users and really nan pouch AI instrumentality talks backmost to them. At nan launch, nan characteristic will beryllium disposable only successful English pinch 1 sound option. ElevenLabs said that while r1 was poised for sound relationship from nan start, nan company’s debased latency models will make interactions much human-like.

“We’re moving pinch rabbit to bring nan early of human-device relationship closer. Our collaboration is astir making nan r1 a genuinely move co-pilot, ” ElevenLabs’ CEO Mati Staniszewski said successful a prepared statement.

In January, Rabbit said that it will usage Perplexity AI’s solutions to reply users’ questions connected nan device.

Earlier this week, Rabbit said that its first batch of $199 r1s will time off nan mill by March 31, and will scope users wrong a fewer weeks. The institution said users will beryllium capable to interact pinch chatbots, get answers from Perplexity, usage bi-directional translation, bid rides and foods, and play euphony done nan instrumentality correct retired of nan box.

The company’s CEO Jesse Lyu said earlier this period astatine a StrictlyVC arena that rabbit is adjacent to having 100,000 instrumentality orders.

Earlier this year, ElevenLabs raised $80 cardinal successful Series B from investors for illustration Andreessen Horowitz, erstwhile GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, and entrepreneur Daniel Gross to get to nan unicorn status. The institution has been focusing connected providing sound cloning services for creating audiobooks, dubbing movies and TV shows, ads, and video crippled characters. Most recently, India’s audio level PocketFM, which raised $103 cardinal from Lightspeed, said that it is utilizing ElevenLabs’ services to fto creators person their writings into audio series.

But ElevenLabs’ has faced its adjacent stock of disapproval pinch users trying to fool a bank’s authentication system, 4chan users mimicking celebrities, and journalists documenting that it is easy to group up sound clones to make problematic content. The startup has rolled retired a instrumentality to observe reside created by its level and is besides moving connected a instrumentality to observe synthesized audio and administer it to 3rd parties.