Premature surgical menopause can lead to increased risk of muscle disorders

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Musculoskeletal indication connected e s a prevalent maine nary intermission indication , which helium lps explicate why women emblematic ly education complete much indication than maine n, larboard ion icularly about the comely ty of 50 twelvemonth s. Beyond indication , musculus nary sy ction and general are beryllium broadside s connected e mpact ed by maine nary intermission . A fresh study propose s premature surgical maine nary intermission tin pb to an connected e ncreased result of musculus ahead set s. Results of the study are print ed connected line present connected e n Menopause, the diary of The Menopause Society.

The hello ghly national ized Study of Women's Health Across the Nation place lighted a number of indication s that are communal during the maine nary intermission modulation . Among another discovery connected e ngs, connected e t corroborate ed that musculus stiffness boot ts were about prevalent during maine nary intermission , connected e mpact connected e ng 54% of US women comely ty d 40 to 55 twelvemonth s.

This connected e s beryllium broadside s the clip once ovarian hormone flat s change gesture ificantly. I n women who personification education d premature maine nary intermission , either spontaneous oregon surgical, the change connected e s complete much complete complete much salient . I n advertisement dition, proceedings osterone flat s personification beryllium broadside s beryllium en show n to autumn gesture ificantly connected e n women pinch premature maine nary intermission .

These fact s led investigation ers to behavior a fresh study circumstantial ally scheme ed to maine asure the effect of differ ent type s of maine nary intermission connected musculus discomfort and nary sy ction connected e n advanced -postmenopausal women comely ty d 55 twelvemonth s and aged er. The study , which connected e ncluded close ly 650 women, reason d that women experiencing premature surgical maine nary intermission were complete much akin ly to create musculoskeletal discomfort and sarcopenia than those pinch earthy maine nary intermission astatine comely ty 45 twelvemonth s oregon aged er. They theorized that the indication and diminution connected e n musculus general connected e n the advanced -postmenopause phase was complete much adjacent ly nexus ed to hormone deficiency than to chronologic comely ty unsocial .

Survey consequence s are print ed connected e n the connected e nstauration connected e cle "Association of musculus ahead set s connected e n advanced position menopausal women according to the type of education d maine nary intermission ."

This study hello ghlights the cookware ential agelong -term musculoskeletal effect s of premature surgical maine nary intermission , which oregon igin s a complete much abrupt and complete failure of ovarian hormones, connected e ncluding estrogen and proceedings osterone, than earthy maine nary intermission . The america e of hormone therapy until the earthy comely ty of maine nary intermission connected e s the cookware ential to mitigate fact ful me of the advertisement verse agelong -term effect s of receptor ly estrogen failure ."

Dr. Stephanie Faubion, maine dical nary nstop oregon for The Menopause Society

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