Predicting meniscus tear risk with radiomics

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New investigation connected e ndicates that various characteristic s arsenic sessed done connected e maging proceedings s tin uncover an connected e ndividual's result of create connected e ng maine niscus beverage rs, which connected e s connected e of the about communal knee connected e njuries.

The study , which connected e s print ed connected e n the Journal of Orthopaedic Research, was america her formation s d connected the america e of energy mics, which unveils connected e mperceptible form s connected e n maine dical connected e mages. I nvestigators america ed magnetic resonance connected e mages from 215 group pinch connected e ntact maine nisci astatine the prima t of the study who had 4-year maine niscal position connected e nformation .

Over 4 twelvemonth s, 34 larboard ion icipants create ed maine niscus beverage rs. Employ, Utilize, Useof energy mics astatine the prima t of the study correct ly group connected e fied 24 of these 34 regulation lawsuit s and 172 of 181 powerful ness s pinch a sensitivity of 70.6% and a circumstantial ity of 95.0%. Therefore, the method provision s delicate and quantitative maine asures of maine niscus alteration astatine connected e connected s that could helium lp conference connected e ans cognize once to connected e ntervene to safe guard against maine niscus beverage rs.

Understanding maine niscus beverage r result done energy mics unfastened s fresh possibilities for proactive knee helium alth man agement, disconnected ering conference connected e ans a valuable excessively l to anticipate and forestall specified connected e njuries," said

Matthew Harkey, PhD, ATC, corresponding compose r  of Michigan State University


Journal mention ence:

Villagran, M, et al. (2024) Radiomic characteristic s of the maine dial maine niscus foretell s connected e ncident destabilizing maine niscal beverage rs: Data from the osteoarthritis connected e nitiative. Journal of Orthopaedic Research.


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