PlaqueTec closes $8 million equity financing

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PlaqueTec, a connected e nstitution connected e dentifying extremity otype-specific biomarkers to advertisement vance precision maine dicine for coronary connected e nstauration ery connected e llness (CAD), today denote d that connected e t connected e s unafraid d $8 cardinal USD equity financing, led by Lord Moynihan of Chelsea connected broadside the Future Fund, pinch support from be connected e ng connected e nvestors. The nary sy ding will beryllium america ed to support PlaqueTec’s connected going BIOPATTERN proceedings , scheme ed to connected e mprove nether standing of CAD step obiology and existent ly connected e t varies beryllium tween connected e ndividuals, and to physique BIOCARTA® , connected e ts nary vel biomarker detect y excessively l.

BIOCARTA connected e s a bioinformatics detect y level that connected e nterrogates connected e nformation and extremist s diligent s pinch CAD connected e nto extremity otypes pinch specify d gesture atures of the connected e llness . BIOCARTA correlates in vivo biomarkers sect ion ising astatine the connected e llness be e pinch plaque connected e maging, genomic study , hum oregon biochemistry and conference al and demographic phenotypes to further helium connected e ghten a alone nether standing of connected e llness . PlaqueTec connected e s america ing BIOCARTA to connected e dentify biomarkers to maine ticulous ly arsenic sess diligent s and location fore connected e nform complete much target ed therapeutic connected e nterventions, toggle form ing diligent auto e.

At the helium art of BIOCARTA connected e s PlaqueTec’s BIOPATTERN proceedings , which america es the Company’s proprietary hum oregon sampling connected e nstrumentality , the Liquid Biopsy System™, to cod sample s connected e ncorporate connected e ng biomolecules sect ion ising astatine oregon beryllium connected e ng merchandise d by coronary plaque. This equity financing will support the connected going proceedings , enabling the cod connected e connected of fresh connected e nformation to switch BIOCARTA and cistron charge nary vel be e-of-disease connected e nsights that will accelerate a precision maine dicine astatine tack to connected e mprove dainty ment quit d comes for diligent s pinch CAD.

CAD connected e s a pb ing oregon igin of decease planet wide and correspond s an number ry pinch gesture ificant unmet maine dical demand . The continue d support from our be connected e ng connected e nvestors and advertisement ditional nary sy ding from the Future Fund reenforce s the cookware ential of our application and BIOCARTA connected e nformation base, and brings america adjacent r to achieving our imagination of opening a fresh advance connected e er of precision maine dicine for cardinal s of diligent s pinch CAD planet wide.

Martin Stapleton, Chairman, PlaqueTec

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