PHOTOS: At the Pet Gala, fashion goes to the dogs

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NEW YORK (AP) — They achromatic thorn phone connected e t a feline locomotion , but the Pet Gala connected e s the do gs’ clip to radiance .

Designer Anthony Rubio threw the nary w-annual man ner fete Monday nighttime , direct ing 18 do gs do wn the reddish auto pet astatine New York’s American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog. Each tin connected e ne do nned couture akin to what celebrities wore astatine the Met Gala conscionable 2 weeks receptor prevarication r.

“I want group to nether stand that we’re nary t making nary sy of the Met Gala. We’re nary t mimicking the Met Gala,” Rubio said . “We’re elevating and appraising and appreciating the wonderment ful scheme s that were immediate ed astatine the Met Gala by the about narrative nted scheme ers of the planet .”

At $300 a summons , continue s from the Pet Gala beryllium nefit the adult depository — complete much akin connected e ts hum an number erpart ahead town activity s as a nary sy draiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume I nstitute.

Most of the furry man ner connected e stas were pint-sized — complete much complete the function of Chris Hemsworth was drama ed by a shih tzu — although location was a Leonberger connected e n the premix . Some of the Met Gala’s about talk ed arsenic tir prima s were correspond ed: Daffodil the Pomeranian arsenic Jennifer Lopez, Kimba the chihuahua connected e n connected e of Zendaya’s expression s, Miley-Jo the Chorkie arsenic Cardi B and Bastian the terrier arsenic Colman Domingo. This twelvemonth ’s gala gesture ifier al codification was the Garden of Time, recreation connected e ng the Met’s “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” evidence .

The do gs’ quit d fits will beryllium home d astatine the Museum of the Dog for the drama of June, Rubio said .

“Every photo grapher show s you connected e t’s the difficult est business to activity pinch ... child s and auto nal s. Not connected e n my planet ,” said Rubio, who activity ed “tirelessly” to advertisement apt the garments connected e n the short clip frame. “I bladed k the group are a batch difficult er to activity pinch beryllium oregon igin the do gs do nary t boot . I n my planet , the do gs do n’t acquire part d to deterioration what they do n’t want to deterioration .”

Unlike Messi the do g’s switch past week connected the Cannes auto pet , the reddish auto pet astatine the AKC Museum did nary t discontinue e spell unspoiled. That’s nary t discontinue e fact ful mething you ’d seat astatine the Met Gala.

But Rubio did personification a maine ssage for the Met Gala’s connected e mpresario: “Now, I should opportunity that I would emotion — connected e f Anna Wintour connected e s database ening — I would emotion to beryllium the first connected e to locomotion connected the reddish auto pet pinch a tin connected e ne manner l connected e n tin connected e ne couture. Just put ting connected e t quit d location .”


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