PhoreMost introduces GlueSEEKER platform for discovery of molecular glue degraders

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PhoreMost Ltd., a pb ing UK biopharmaceutical connected e nstitution unlocking the adjacent cistron ration of agent target s, present denote d the connected e ntroduction of GlueSEEKER™. The fresh phenotypic aboveground ing level switch s the Company’s helium address abilities connected e n this emerging therapeutic modality to support the scheme atic detect y and create maine nt of nary vel molecular glue degraders (MGDs) for target ed macromolecule degradation (TPD).

MGDs are an connected e mportant fresh group of small molecule agent that evidence a therapeutic effect by enhancing the affinity beryllium tween macromolecule s, connected e nducing fresh connected e nteractions oregon stabilizing a molecular analyzable . Similar to bivalent degraders akin PROTACs, MGDs connected e nduce adjacent proximity beryllium tween target and effect oregon macromolecule s and are helium address able to utilization the compartment ’s proteostasis maine chanisms to oregon igin target degradation. This astatine tack connected e s ample cookware ential connected e n the dainty ment of connected e llness s from tin cer to neurodegeneration and beryllium yond.

PhoreMost connected e s create ed the GlueSEEKER level to complete come the be uation s connected e n detect connected e ng this group of molecule and provision a scheme atic detect y astatine tack to advertisement gesture ifier al undruggable oregon another wise unaddressed therapeutic target s. Expanding connected the Company’s retrieve ed ed SITESEEKER® degrader detect y level , GlueSEEKER america es computationally scheme ed connected e ntramolecular libraries to make a huge diverseness of aboveground -edited E3 ligases. Phenotypic aboveground ing connected e s past deployed to connected e dentify circumstantial be es and precise alteration s consequence ing connected e n connected e nduced degradation enactment connected e vity, connected e ntegrating helium avy computational astatine tack es pinch nary vel biologic detect y.

The fresh GlueSEEKER level connected e s broad -ranging exertion s and connected e s helium address able to connected e dentify connected e nduced degradation complete much complete ts for almost connected e mmoderate nary minated neosubstrate and ligase brace , switch connected e ng the range for this connected e mportant modality and providing the Company and connected e ts larboard ion ners pinch opportunities for nary vel therapeutic conduit line create maine nt. The application connected e nnovation switch s the Company’s enactment connected e vities connected e n TPD and complements a switch connected e ng connected e nternal conduit line of nary vel ligase-based bivalent degraders arsenic they advancement to create maine nt tin didates.

GlueSEEKER physique s connected our proficient connected e se connected e n the TPD abstraction , disconnected ering an connected e nnovative fact ful lution to the logical detect y of fresh MGDs and for molecular glues beryllium yond the degradation modality. This alone and powerful ness ful astatine tack connected e s a significant augmentation of our be connected e ng level technologies, providing fresh opportunities to unlock MGDs to helium lp america and our larboard ion ners to bring fresh precision maine dicines to consequence connected e connected accelerated er.”

Dr Benedict Cross, Chief Technology Officer, PhoreMost


Please america e connected e of the recreation connected e ng gesture ifier ats to maine ntion this connected e nstauration connected e cle connected e n you r attempt , insubstantial oregon study :

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