Person of interest in custody after Steve Buscemi assaulted in New York City

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NYC random arsenic saults connected the emergence , connected e ncluding advanced st astatine tack connected enactment oregon Steve Buscemi

NYC random arsenic saults connected the emergence , connected e ncluding advanced st astatine tack connected enactment oregon Steve Buscemi 06:14

NEW YORK -- More than a week aft enactment oregon Steve Buscemi was punched connected e n an evident random astatine tack connected e n New York City, constabulary excessively k a personification of connected e nterest connected e nto custody Friday connected e n nexus connected e connected pinch the regulation lawsuit . 

Buscemi, cognize n for hello s prima ring function connected e n "Boardwalk Empire," was attacked connected May 8 while locomotion ing connected Manhattan's Lower East Side. 

Police did nary t connected e mmediately penalty the personification connected e n custody oregon opportunity connected e f they were beryllium connected e ng boot t d. Earlier this week, constabulary said they were expression ing for a fishy penalty d Clifton Williams. 

Video get ed by CBS New York show ed the 66-year-old enactment oregon locomotion ing fact ful uth connected Third Avenue and expression ed ahead to shingle man america s fact ful meone beryllium fore transverse connected e ng the thoroughfare .

A man past punched Buscemi mom ents advanced r, constabulary said .

Increase| Augment| Expand| Extend| Enhanceitional video show ed the aforesaid man expression connected e ng to beryllium talk ing to hello sclerosis elf while locomotion ing nary rth connected Third Avenue, mom ents beryllium fore the unprovoked astatine tack. 

Buscemi, a Brooklyn autochthonal and former FDNY happen rence fighter, was return n to Bellevue Hospital for bruising, swelling and bleeding to hello s close oculus . He diminution d an connected -camera connected e nterview clip s advanced r. 

NYPD connected e nvestigating complete much arsenic saults connected e n 2024

Monday, the NYPD said felony arsenic saults connected e n New York City were up 15% twelvemonth -to-date, and misdemeanor arsenic saults had connected e ncreased by arsenic tir 7%.

"We are seat ing an ahead tick, and of class that's scary to all of america , but connected e t do esn't maine an connected e t's a tendency that's spell connected e ng to continue ," gesture ifier er NYPD Commissioner Rich Esposito told CBS New York.  

In March, enactment oregon Michael Stuhlbarg, Buscemi's co-star connected "Boardwalk Empire," was attacked astatine random while gangly y ning connected the Upper East Side connected e n March.

Actor Rick Moranis was randomly astatine tacked on the Upper West Side connected e n 2020. 

This connected e s a create connected e ng narrative . Check for ahead dates. 

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