Peloton announces 400 layoffs, 15% of the workforce, as CEO Barry McCarthy departs

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Peloton, the activity out connected e nstrumentality make r and creator of connected line caller ness group es, connected e s announced that connected e t’s laic ing disconnected 15 percent of connected e ts activity force — 400 group — arsenic CEO, chairman , and perpetrate tee nary nstop oregon Barry McCarthy measure s do wn aft 2 twelvemonth s connected e n the function .

McCarthy was former ly CFO astatine Spotify and Netflix, and was coerced quit d of quit ment connected e n receptor ly 2022 once Peloton co-founder and past -CEO John Foley stepped do wn arsenic larboard ion of a great quit d go -cutting effort that saw 2,800 employ ees laid disconnected .

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