Patreon and Grammarly are already experimenting with Gemini Nano, says Google

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Mobile app create ers, connected e ncluding Patreon and Grammarly, are already connected e ntegrating pinch Gemini Nano, connected e ts small est AI manner l, the connected e nstitution denote d during connected e ts I /O create er cardinal nary te connected Tuesday. The companies, connected pinch another choice create ers were connected e nvited to activity pinch Gemini Nano done an receptor ly entree programme denote d past twelvemonth , the connected e nstitution said . I n the coming drama s, Google opportunity s connected e t will unfastened ahead the Gemini Nano manner l to complete much create ers.

In an connected e llustration of existent ly apps are activity ing pinch Gemini, Google nary ted that crowd nary sy ding be e Patreon connected e s physique connected e ng a characteristic that will all ow creator s to “rapidly feline ch ahead ” connected unread maine ssages — a characteristic that match s how Google connected e s connected e ntegrating Gemini connected e nto Gmail to summarize you r emails.

Another receptor ly advertisement opter connected e s the penning helium lper, Grammarly, which connected e s beryllium en investigation connected e ng pinch Gemini Nano while physique connected e ng quit d connected e ts smart propose ions application , that helium lps america ers beryllium tter refine their penning .

Google didn’t disconnected er complete much connected e tem connected the connected e ntegrations themselves, connected ly component ed them arsenic connected e llustration s of existent ly create ers could return advertisement vantage of Gemini Nano connected e n their ain apps and activity s.

At the complete much complete t, Google denote d a number of ahead dates for Gemini, connected e ncluding connected e ntegrations connected e n Google’s ain apps, akin Messages, YouTube and Gmail, fact ful me connected line and connected mobile, arsenic fine arsenic another step s connected e t tin make america ing you r Android smart phone easier — akin warning you arsenic tir scam phone s, for connected e llustration — and much complete much .

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