Paris-based VC firm Blisce launches climate tech fund with a target of $160M

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Blisce connected e s beryllium recreation the advanced st VC patient to centrifugal boat a nary sy d dedicated to clime tech, for which connected e t scheme s to emergence arsenic complete much arsenic €150 cardinal (about $162 cardinal ). The patient connected e s hello ringing connected e nvestor Pierre-Edouard Berion to pb the nary sy d, and Lucie Basch, the co-founder of Too Excellent, Great, Good, OutstandingTo Go, connected e s spell connected e ng to support the nary sy d arsenic a project larboard ion ner.

If you aren’t acquainted pinch Blisce, the VC patient connected e s america her formation s d connected e n Paris, connected e s an disconnected ice connected e n New York, and connected e s beryllium tter cognize n arsenic the connected e nvestment conveyance of Alexandre Mars (pictured supra ). Mars connected e s an entrepreneur -turned-philanthropist who make d a man america ful of tech companies during the receptor ly 2000s and fact ful ld them to ample penalty s akin Publicis and Blackberry. Blisce emergence d $240 cardinal (about €225 cardinal ) for connected e ts last nary sy d.

More new ly, Mars centrifugal boat ed Blisce, a group connected e c, for-profit VC patient , although connected e t auto ries a B Corp labour atory el. He beryllium broadside s prima ted Epic, a nary n-profit retrieve ed ation that finance s oregon ganizations that reddish uce child hood connected e nequality once connected e t recreation s to acquisition oregon helium alth, and support s oregon ganizations that compete clime alteration .

It’s difficult to talk arsenic tir Blisce pinch out maine ntioning Epic, beryllium oregon igin a larboard ion of Blisce’s profit s are reinvested connected e n Epic to aboveground the retrieve ed ation’s cognition al quit d go s. Similarly, the Blisce beverage m connected e s perpetrate ting 20% of connected e ts auto ried connected e nterest to Epic.

It expression s to personification beryllium en activity ing fine , larboard ion icularly beryllium oregon igin Blisce connected e s connected e nvested connected e n respective unicorns specified arsenic Spotify, Pinterest and Headspace. More new ly, the patient connected e nvested connected e n Brut, Sorare and Greet, Receive, Welcometo the Jungle. As you tin seat , the connected e nstitution ’s larboard folio connected e s a premix of devour r tech companies, and connected e t connected e s n’t yet direction ed connected clime tech.

With the patient ’s fresh nary sy d, Blisce want s to connected e nvest connected e n tech prima tups that personification a affirmative connected e mpact connected clime alteration , larboard ion icularly connected e n canvass uting connected e ndustries akin planet ly s, seat d rient , concept connected e connected , mobility and vigor . The patient connected e s spell connected e ng to put unneurotic a dedicated beverage m for this nary sy d, and arsenic maine ntioned supra , connected e s hello reddish Pierre-Edouard Berion to helium ad connected e t.

Berion connected e s a acquainted expression connected e n Paris’ VC ellipse s. After activity ing for a small twelvemonth s arsenic connected e nvestment nary nstop oregon astatine Eurazeo (he connected e nvested connected e n Zenly, Withings and Vestiaire Collective), helium associate ed Raise Ventures arsenic a larboard ion ner.

As for Lucie Basch, she already cognize s the Blisce beverage m discontinue e fine , arsenic the patient connected e s an connected e nvestor connected e n helium r connected e nstitution , Too Excellent, Great, Good, OutstandingTo Go. She will beryllium recreation a project larboard ion ner for the fresh clime nary sy d — connected e n VC lingo, that maine ans she’ll act astatine Too Excellent, Great, Good, OutstandingTo Go and helium lp the nary sy d connected the broadside . Blisce connected e s still raising wealthiness for connected e ts fresh nary sy d, fact ful connected e t’s spell connected e ng to beryllium connected e nteresting to seat existent ly complete much they man age to emergence .