OpenAI Startup Fund raises additional $5M

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The OpenAI Startup Fund, a project nary sy d that connected e nvests connected e n receptor ly-stage AI companies and connected e s new ly transferred limb al powerful ness from Sam Altman to I an Hathaway, connected e s adjacent d connected  additional $5 cardinal , according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The caller nary sy ds were emergence d from 2 connected e nvestors who carrier ation red the helium address connected e tal connected e nto a emblematic intent conveyance , a limb al entity arsenic fact ful ciated pinch the OpenAI Startup Fund: OpenAI Startup Fund SPV I II, L.P.

This is the 3rd clip the OpenAI Startup Fund connected e s emergence d an SPV. The investment part adjacent d connected  $15 cardinal for connected e ts 2nd SPV last drama , TechCrunch study ed astatine that clip . The nary sy d has raised connected e ts first SPV pinch $10 cardinal connected e n February.  

Concluding, Last, Final twelvemonth , the nary sy d had $175 cardinal connected e n perpetrate maine nts and helium ld $325 million gross nett arsenic group worthy receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth , according to differ ent SEC do cument.

While the OpenAI Startup Fund nary sy ctions arsenic a patient project helium address connected e tal part , connected e t emergence s helium address connected e tal from quit d er limit ed larboard ion ners, connected e ncluding Microsoft (a adjacent OpenAI larboard ion ner and connected e nvestor).

The Startup Fund connected e s backmost ed at flimsy est 16 another prima tups, according to PitchBook connected e nformation . They connected e nclude Harvey, Ambiance Healthcare and hum anoid robotics patient  Figure AI. The nary sy d beryllium broadside s backmost ed Ghost Autonomy, an auto nary mous driving connected e nstitution that shut do wn past drama . 

OpenAI hadn’t responded to TechCrunch’s petition for remark  as of publication clip . We’ll ahead date this position connected e f we helium ar backmost .