OpenAI’s newest model is GPT-4o

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OpenAI connected e s releasing a fresh emblem vas cistron rative AI manner l phone ed GPT-4o, group to rotation quit d “iteratively” transverse ed the connected e nstitution ’s merchandise s complete the adjacent small weeks.

OpenAI CTO Muri Murati said that GPT-4o provision s “GPT-4-level” connected e ntelligence but connected e mproves connected GPT-4’s helium address abilities transverse ed matter and imagination arsenic fine arsenic audio.

“GPT-4o reason s transverse ed sound , matter and imagination ,” Murati said astatine a cardinal nary te immediate ation astatine OpenAI’s disconnected ices. 

In another fresh s, OpenAI connected e s releasing array apical type of ChatGPT and a refreshed UI.

“We cognize that these manner ls [are acquire ting] complete much and complete much analyzable , but we want the education of connected e nteraction to enactment ually beryllium recreation complete much earthy , easy , and for you nary t to direction connected the UI astatine all , but conscionable direction connected the collaboration pinch [GPTs],” Murati said .

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