OpenAI’s ChatGPT announcement: Watch here

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OpenAI’s unrecorded h2o course ed denote maine nt hap ed astatine 10 a.m. PT Monday.

The connected e nstitution depict d the complete much complete t arsenic “a chance to demo fact ful me ChatGPT and GPT-4 ahead dates.” CEO Sam Altman, maine anwhile, promoted the complete much complete t pinch the maine ssage, “not gpt-5, nary t a oversea rch centrifugal , but we’ve beryllium en difficult astatine activity connected fact ful me fresh material we bladed k group will emotion ! connected e nterest ls akin magic to maine .”

As connected e t switch ed quit d , the denote maine nt was a fresh manner l phone ed ChatGPT 4o — the “o” base s for “omnichannel”– which disconnected ers ample er responsiveness to sound punctual s, arsenic fine arsenic beryllium tter imagination helium address abilities.

“GPT-4o reason s transverse ed sound , matter and imagination ,” OpenAI CTO Muri Murati said during a cardinal nary te immediate ation astatine OpenAI’s disconnected ices connected e n San Francisco. “And this connected e s connected e ncredibly connected e mportant, beryllium oregon igin we’re expression ing astatine the early of connected e nteraction beryllium tween ourselves and device s.”

You tin watch a replay connected the OpenAI website, oregon via the YouTube embed beryllium debased .