Not in the path of totality? You can still watch Monday's total solar eclipse online

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If you’re obscurity adjacent the way of totality aliases if clouds spoil your view, you tin still drawback nan total star eclipse online.

Weather permitting, tens of millions who live on a constrictive stretch from Mexico’s Pacific seashore to eastbound Canada tin conscionable look skyward Monday to glimpse time move to twilight erstwhile nan satellite blots retired nan sun.

Eclipse glasses are a must to forestall oculus damage. The only clip it’s safe to ditch protective glasses is during totality, aliases nan fewer minutes of complete darkness.

Here are immoderate alternatives if you’re clouded retired during nan eclipse aliases if you can’t recreation to nan path:

NASA goes unrecorded from different eclipse cities

NASA is offering respective hours of streaming online and connected NASA TV starting astatine 1 p.m. EDT from respective cities on nan totality path. The abstraction agency will show scope views of nan sun and location will beryllium appearances by scientists and abstraction position astronauts. During nan eclipse, small rockets will blast off from Wallops Island, Virginia, pinch subject instruments into nan electrically charged information of nan ambiance adjacent nan separator of abstraction known arsenic nan ionosphere.

AP hosts unrecorded show from totality way

Associated Press journalists will instrumentality retired on nan way of totality to bring unrecorded sum of watch parties and festivities. The AP livestream will commencement astatine 10 a.m. EDT pinch views from Mazatlán, Mexico, and different locations. Commentary will tally from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EDT featuring interviews pinch organizers, scientists and unrecorded views from on nan path.

Telescopes and experiments attraction connected nan sun

The Exploratorium depository will characteristic unrecorded scope images of nan sun from Junction, Texas, and Torreón, Mexico. Researchers and students from nan University of Maine will motorboat high-altitude balloons successful an research that will beryllium livestreamed from nan stratosphere. Time and Date will show nan sun from different scope feeds. Slooh will broadcast from Texas and will person a web of partner telescopes on nan path.


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