Nicole Kidman Gives Olivia Rodrigo ‘Major’ Props After She Spoofs Her AMC Commercial

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Nicole Kidman gave her stamp of support after Olivia Rodrigo re-created her beloved “We Make Movies Better” AMC commercialized successful a hilarious caller TikTok video connected Wednesday, March 27. The Being nan Ricardos star, 56, reposted Olivia’s clip connected her Instagram Story, and she showed that she thought that it was hilarious to spot her lip-syncing on to her celebrated reside astir nan magic of cinema.

In nan video, Olivia, 21, walked done nan aisles and nan seats of Montreal’s Centre Bell, wherever she performed connected March 26 and 27. She rocked immoderate sparkling metallic short-shorts, achromatic tights (with metallic stars going down her legs), precocious boots, and a achromatic vessel apical pinch nan quote “We travel to this spot for magic” written connected it. The outfit is 1 that she’s been wearing connected her “GUTS” World Tour.

Nicole Kidman shares Olivia’s astir caller TikTok, wherever she wears a babe tee referencing Nicole’s celebrated AMC Theaters advertisement (and it’s audio)!

“You conscionable won maine immoderate politician points pinch my girls! Adore you, @oliviarodrigo xx”

— Olivia Rodrigo Daily (@DailyRodrigo) March 27, 2024

Olivia made expansive gestures arsenic she lip-synced on arsenic she sat successful nan seats and snacked connected a gigantic container of popcorn. “We travel to this spot for magic. We travel to AMC Theaters to love, to cry, to care, because we request that—all of us. That indescribable emotion we get erstwhile nan lights statesman to dim and we spell location we’ve ne'er been before, because here, they are,” she lip-synced along.

When Nicole re-posted nan clip, she revealed that her daughters are large fans of nan “scared of my guitar” singer, showing that they’d decidedly deliberation it was cool that Olivia showed her immoderate love. “You conscionable won maine immoderate awesome points pinch my girls!” she wrote. “Adore you, @OliviaRodrigo.” She besides included a laughing crying, achromatic heart, and clapping emojis.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Acrisure Arena

Nicole’s famed AMC advertisement began airing successful nan theatre chain’s auditoriums successful September 2021 arsenic cinemas began to reopen pursuing nan COVID-19 pandemic. While nan short movie was only intended to tally for astir a year, it quickly became a meme among movie fans, and AMC continued to show it. The theatre concatenation began introducing new, shorter ads featuring the Moulin Rouge! star connected March 1, per Variety.