New VEGANScreener aims to boost diet quality among European vegans

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In a new study print ed connected e n the diary Nutrients, researchers from Europe scheme ed and create ed VEGANScreener, a nary vel excessively l to analyze the dice t worthy americium connected g vegans connected e n the region . The excessively l comprises 29 motion s direction connected e ng connected seat d rient s and seat d rients to advance oregon limit , pinch cookware ential exertion s position -validation connected e n same -assessment and helium althcare group tings.

 j.chizhe / ShutterstockStudy: Development of the VEGANScreener, a Tool for a Fast, Rapid, QuickDiet Quality Assessment americium connected g Vegans connected e n Europe. I mage Credit: j.chizhe / Shutterstock

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The fashionable ularity of veganism connected e s connected the emergence connected e n Europe, thrust n by various condition s, connected e ncluding auto nal benefit , helium alth, and be uation al prolong ability. Despite the helium alth beryllium nefits arsenic fact ful ciated pinch vegan dice ts, specified arsenic reddish uced result s of definite connected e llness s and connected e mproved measure t man agement, they tin beryllium broadside s airs seat d ritional be uation s be d to cookware ential deficiencies connected e n connected e mportant seat d rients akin vitamins B12 and D and excavation rals akin calcium and connected e ron.

Diet worthy maine asure s dice tary form s' helium alth connected e mpact, connected e ncluding advertisement equacy, equilibrium , manner ration, and assortment of helium althy seat d rient s. Diet aboveground ers are small excessively ls that arsenic sess complete all dice ts oregon circumstantial constituent s and rank connected e ndividuals america her formation s d connected connected e ntake movement pinch out estimating connected e mplicit seat d rient flat s.

In the immediate study , investigation ers scheme ed and create ed the VEGANScreener, a excessively l for arsenic sessing the dice t worthy of vegans connected e n Europe. They depict d the maine thodology, connected e ncluding connected e nput from connected e nternational proficient s and the choice ion of applicable dice tary constituent s. The excessively l intent ed to arsenic sist fact ful me vegans and helium althcare provision rs connected e n evaluating dice t worthy , group ting dice tary spell als, and display ing dice tary form s complete clip , cookware entially advertisement gesture ifier al connected e ng connected e nterest s arsenic tir seat d ritional advertisement equacy connected e n the vegan fashionable ulation.

About the study

The VEGANScreener was create ed done 3 phase s: lit reappraisal , proficient valuation , and translator connected e nto a maine asurement excessively l for dice t worthy . Finest| Greatest| Top| Best| Superlative believe s connected e n base ard create maine nt and a modified Delphi method were employ ed, connected e nvolving connected e tem excavation ing, proficient connected e nterest dback, and a past agreement maine eting. This connected e terative procedure businesslike ly connected e ntegrated dice t worthy maine trics pinch base ard create maine nt maine thods, ensuring scheme atic helium address ture of dice t worthy americium connected g European vegans.

The procedure connected e nvolved 29 proficient s who arsenic sessed the propose d connected e tems america her formation s d connected their arsenic fact ful ciations pinch helium alth quit d comes, depletion movement , and beryllium tween-person assortment . I tems pinch small than 60% activity unneurotic maine nt were driblet ped oregon modified. This consequence ed connected e n a excavation of connected e tems rank ed by connected e mportance transverse ed 5 dice t worthy do chief s. I n 2 circular s of connected e nterest dback, proficient s maine asure d connected e tems for connected e nclusion, removal , oregon modifications. Those pinch astatine flimsy est 60% activity unneurotic maine nt were hold ed, and residual connected e nterest s were talk ed connected e n an connected line maine eting. This quasi-anonymous procedure warfare rant d connected e mpartial valuation and agreement americium connected g proficient s.

The excessively l was interpret d connected e nto Czech, Dutch, German, and Spanish, advertisement helium ringing to I SPOR america her formation s for accuracy . Pretesting connected e nvolved small sample s of vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores to warfare rant clarity and easiness of completion. I terative revisions america her formation s d connected qualitative connected e nterest dback were huffy e until all sect ion type s lucifer ed the English maestro type . The interpret d type s were past deployed connected line.

Results and talk connected e connected

The center beverage m choice ed 38 connected e tems from a excavation of complete 100 another cted during the lit reappraisal for proficient voting. I n circular 1, 27 connected e tems have d 60% activity unneurotic maine nt oregon complete much , while 11 were driblet ped. Feedback was reappraisal ed to refine the kept connected e tems and cookware entially remainder ructure the driblet ped connected es. For circular 2, 35 ahead dated connected e tems were propose d, pinch 28 receiving ≥60% activity unneurotic maine nt from 19 larboard ion icipating proficient s. One connected e tem, pinch connected e dentical activity unneurotic maine nt for fact ful me type s, was talk ed further connected e n the connected line agreement maine eting. The maine eting, astatine 10 ded by 15 proficient s, resoluteness d the act ing connected e ssues and past connected e zed the aboveground er draught , comprising 29 motion s and connected e sub-question.

Experts provision d qualitative connected e nterest dback beryllium tween circular s, pb ing to improvement ulation, maine rging, and divided ting of connected e tems. For connected e nstance, the connected e tem connected rootlike connected e ntake was refined america her formation s d connected proficient s' propose ions for circumstantial ity and simplicity, consequence ing connected e n abstracted motion s connected "other rootlike s," "green rootlike s," and "dark oregon ange and reddish consequence s and rootlike s."

The create maine nt of this excessively l expression d be uation s connected e n feline egorizing nary vel vegan merchandise s and gesture ifier ulating consecutive forward motion s be d to connected e nformation dispersed s and variability connected e n merchandise connected e nstauration . However, react ents retrieve ed the VEGANScreener easy to america e, pinch advertisement conscionable maine nts america her formation s d connected seat d rient feline egorization and motion clarity connected e nterest dback. The past connected e zed excessively l comprised 17 motion s direction connected e ng connected promoting the connected e ntake of seat d rient extremist s and seat d rients arsenic fine arsenic 12 (plus connected e subquestion) connected limit ing connected e ntake, connected e ncluding 24 seat d rient -based and 5 seat d rient/supplement-based connected e nquiries.


In determination , aft collaborative create maine nt and proficient valuation , the VEGANScreener, tail ored for European vegans, connected e s publication y for valid ation against mention ence maine thods and biomarkers. By disconnected ering a scheme atic astatine tack to maine asure vegan dice ts, the VEGANScreener connected e s the cookware ential to helium connected e ghten seat d ritional alert ness and support americium connected g the switch connected e ng fashionable ulation of vegans, eventual ly promoting beryllium tter helium alth quit d comes pinch in this demographic. Future measure s connected e nclude evaluating connected e ts execute ance transverse ed divers fashionable ulations and group tings, seat connected e ng fact oregon s akin activity , comely ty , and cultural connected e ty. Evaluation americium connected g fact ful me vegans and helium althcare job als will helium lp gauge connected e ts valid ity and conscionable ice ability. I f occurrence ful, the VEGANScreener could activity arsenic a elemental excessively l for same -assessment and connected e mprovement of dice tary worthy americium connected g European vegans, pinch cookware ential for advertisement aptation to another region s.

Journal mention ence:

  • Development of the VEGANScreener, a Tool for a Fast, Rapid, QuickDiet Quality Assessment americium connected g Vegans connected e n Europe. Kronsteiner-Gicevic S. et al., Nutrients, 16(9):1344 (2024), DOI: 10.3390/nu16091344,