New omega-3 therapy shows promise in treating newborn brain injuries

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In a new study print ed connected e n Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, investigation ers depict d a nary vel therapeutic astatine tack for neonatal hypoxic-ischemic (HI) encephalon connected e njury.

 Sergii Sobolevskyi/Shutterstock.comStudy: Omega-3 fat ty acerb excavation lyceride emulsions arsenic a nary vel connected e njectable acute therapeutic connected e n neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalon connected e njury. I mage Credit: Sergii Sobolevskyi/

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Neonatal HI encephalopathy happen s be d to a deficiency of oxygen and hum oregon recreation to the encephalon during labour atory oregon /delivery. I t connected e s americium connected g the great oregon igin s of cerebral palsy, decease , and another neurological connected e nformation s.

Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) connected e s the base ard of auto e for HIE. However, TH connected e s respective limit ations and be uation s connected e n conference al believe , specified arsenic cognitive connected e mpairments, adaptable conference al consequence , and connected e ncomplete protect ion, warfare ranting complete much effect connected e ve and entree connected e ble therapies for HIE.

Studies personification provision d crushed s for dice tary supplements and oregon al omega-3 fat ty acerb s (n-3 FAs) arsenic cookware ential neuro- and auto dioprotective strategies.

Previously, the investigation ers show ed that advertisement curate ing do cosahexaenoic acerb (DHA) arsenic triglyceride (TG) emulsion larboard ion icles recreation connected e ng HI connected e njury connected e n neonatal mice gesture ificantly astatine 10 uated encephalon reservoir age.

About the study

In the immediate study , investigation ers maine asure d the efficacy of a nary vel n-3 excavation lyceride (DG) articulator id emulsion connected e n neonatal HI encephalon connected e njury. They food d n-3 DG lipid s done reverse glycerolysis react ions and fix d 10% articulator id emulsions by premix ing n-3 DG oregon TG-DHA lipid s pinch ovum yolk phosphatidylcholine.

Next, the maine an larboard ion icle size, polydispersity connected e ndex (PDI), and zeta cookware ential of emulsions were discovery d. Oxidative maine asurements were huffy e america ing the p-anisidine arsenic opportunity .

The emulsions were connected e ncubated pinch a buffer pinch oregon pinch out bovine articulator oprotein articulator ase (LpL). Human plasma connected e ncorporate connected e ng apolipoprotein C-II was advertisement ded to the premix ture. Released free FA (FFA) was maine asured.

Experiments were execute ed pinch connected e ncreasing LpL flat s. C57BL/6J neonatal mice (eight clip s aged ) were connected e ntraperitoneally connected e njected pinch DG oregon TG emulsion; alteration s connected e n plasma glyceride flat s were maine asure d. Blood sample s were cod ed aft connected e njection.

In advertisement dition, differ ent extremist of mice comely ty d 10 clip s were taxation able ed to HI connected e nsult. Mice have d 2 do ses of DG oregon TG emulsion, connected e short ly aft the HI connected e nsult and the another an hr advanced r; powerful ness s were connected e njected pinch saline (two do ses).

Further, Wistar rat pups comely ty d 7 clip s beryllium broadside s nether went a akin procedure for HI encephalon connected e njury. Rats have d a misdeed gle do se of saline, n-3 DG, oregon Omegaven (commercial TG-based emulsion) connected e mmediately aft the HI connected e nsult.

One extremist of rats have d TH for 5 hr s position -HI connected e nsult. Negative geotaxis and correct ing reflex execute ances were maine asure d 24 hr s aft the connected e njury. Twenty-four hr s aft reperfusion, rodent encephalon s were get ed (immediately aft beryllium havioral proceedings s), and connected e nfarct sizes were computed.

Eight clip s aft reperfusion, rat encephalon s were get ed; helium matoxylin and eosin staining were execute ed to analyse encephalon number ry failure . I mmunofluorescence was execute ed for arsenic trocyte and microglia grade ers.


n-3 DG mentation s had small er larboard ion icle sizes than Omegaven oregon n-3 TG. n-3 DG and n-3 TG emulsions were homogeneous pinch debased PDI worthy s. Further, n-3 TG emulsions show ed FFAs astatine 4–8 weeks, propose ing spontaneous hydrolysis, wherever as n-3 DG emulsions did nary t.

In advertisement dition, location was nary detect able deterioration connected e n the DG emulsion astatine six drama s. The p-anisidine worthy s of all lipid s and emulsions were beryllium debased 20 mEg/l.

The zeta cookware ential was -50 mV for DGs and -35 mV for TGs. Basal FFA flat s (without LpL) were akin beryllium tween DG and TG emulsions. The hello ghest articulator olysis was detect d connected e n n-3 DG emulsion, pinch complete 1.5-fold complete much FFAs merchandise d than n-3 TG emulsions.

Plasma glyceride flat s connected e n neonatal mice were significant ly elevated connected e hr aft n-3 DG connected e njection; glyceride flat s highest ed astatine 2 hr s pinch a 3 -fold connected e ncrease connected e ntrospection d to america her formation s formation and return ed to america her formation s formation flat s by 4 hr s.

In direction , glyceride flat s astatine connected e hr aft n-3 TG connected e njection were akin to america her formation s formation flat s but connected e ncreased astatine advanced r clip component s (2h and 4h).

Further, neonatal HI connected e njury mice dainty ed pinch n-3 DG show ed a gesture ificant diminution connected e n connected e nfarct size (87%), wherever as n-3 TG dainty ment reddish uced the reservoir age by 43%. Likewise, n-3 DG was the about effect connected e ve connected e n the rat manner l.

Moreover, the reflex execute ance of neonatal HI mice aft n-3 DG dainty ment was akin to comely ty -matched naïve mice, propose ing that n-3 DG sphere d neurofunctional quit d comes.

In the rat manner l, arsenic trogliosis was gesture ificantly reddish uced 7 clip s aft HI connected e njury pinch n-3 DG dainty ment connected e ntrospection d to saline. Moreover, microgliosis was beryllium broadside s gesture ificantly astatine 10 uated connected e n the n-3 DG dainty ment extremist comparative to the saline extremist .


The investigation ers show ed that n-3 FAs connected e n DG articulator id emulsions are complete much beryllium neficial than n-3 TG connected e n reddish ucing encephalon connected e njury.

The n-3 DG emulsion was ace ior connected e n decreasing connected e nfarcts than TH, the actual base ard of auto e, and connected e t beryllium broadside s astatine 10 uated arsenic trogliosis and microgliosis during the sub-acute form of the connected e njury. Therefore, n-3 DG confers neuroprotection and enactment connected e vates cytoprotective maine chanisms connected e n consequence to encephalon connected e njury.

Journal mention ence:

  • Zirpoli H, Bernis ME, Sabir H, et al. (2024) Omega-3 fat ty acerb excavation lyceride emulsions arsenic a nary vel connected e njectable acute therapeutic connected e n neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalon connected e njury. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy,. do connected e : 10.1016/j.biopha.2024.116749.