New method for detecting and treating breast cancer subtypes

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The astir prevalent illness successful women, bosom cancer, poses a awesome consequence to nan wellness of women. Patients’ objective curen and prognosis mightiness disagree importantly because of nan precocious levels of intra- and intertumoral heterogeneity successful bosom cancer.

New Method for Detecting and Treating Breast Cancer Subtypes The dual-mirna triggered DNA-Au nanomachine based connected toehold-mediated strand displacement reactions for controlled merchandise of dox. Image Credit: Li S. M., Bi X., nan F., et al.

Chemotherapy is now nan superior systemic curen for triple-negative bosom crab (TNBC), a prevalent type of bosom crab that lacks immoderate of nan emblematic bosom crab receptors. However, curen pinch a homogeneous high-dose chemotherapy regimen without familial subtyping usually results successful inadequate effectiveness, adding further stress to patients.

In a study published successful Biomedical Analysis, a group of Chinese researchers picture a caller discriminating and curen strategy—a dual-miRNA-triggered DNA-programmed nanomachine tin of imaging endogenous miRNA expressions. This method enables subtype-based identification, hence controlling nan merchandise of narcotics during chemotherapy.

For nan test and subtyping of bosom cancer, histological introspection of puncture biopsy sample is nan ‘gold standard,’ but it is invasive and difficult to recognize move monitoring of tumor progression and prognosis for curen guidance."

Yun Xiang, Study Corresponding Author and Professor, Southwest University

Xiang added, “Fluorescence imaging techniques are tin of visualizing and monitoring minimal molecular changes occurring astatine an early shape of cancers pinch precocious solution and sensitivity. However, azygous miRNA imaging is not suitable for favoritism of crab compartment types.”

Notably, targeted treatments, for illustration high-dose chemotherapy successful TNBC and conventional-dose chemotherapy successful different bosom subtypes, person not been realized contempt anterior investigation showing that dual miRNA-triggered supplier merchandise tin beryllium applied for crab therapy via nan toehold-mediated strand displacement reactions (TSDR).

We developed a DNA-programmed nanomachine for effective favoritism and tailored curen of circumstantial bosom crab compartment types."

Shunmei Li, Study First Author, Southwest University

“It is simply a responsive therapy strategy towards nan various compartment states. This intelligent nanomachine pinch controlled merchandise of anti-cancer supplier successful circumstantial crab compartment subtypes tin trim nan broadside effect to normal cells and facilitate nan targeted therapy, which is promising arsenic a theranostics nanoplatform successful precise medicine,” Li concluded.


Journal reference:

Li, S., et. al. (2024) Dual-microRNA triggered and DNA-programmed nanomachine for subtype-based discovery and tailored curen of bosom crab cells. Biomedical Analysis. doi:10.1016/j.bioana.2024.01.001

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