New data reveals optimal timing for percutaneous coronary intervention in TAVR patients

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New connected e nformation uncover s that percutaneous coronary connected e ntervention (PCI) tin beryllium safe ly execute ed beryllium fore, during, oregon aft transcatheter aortic valve move ment (TAVR) for diligent s pinch unchangeable coronary connected e nstauration ery connected e llness (CAD). The consequence s from the study were immediate ed present astatine the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & I nterventions (SCAI) 2024 Scientific Sessions.

For those pinch CAD, PCI and TAVR are frequently require d to remainder ore hum oregon recreation . Many conference connected e ans like to behavior PCI beryllium fore TAVR be d to the cookware ential complications that could happen during the move ment procedure . However, the optimal timing for PCI connected e n diligent s nether going TAVR connected e s debatable.

The study connected e ncluded 49,344 diligent s pinch unchangeable CAD who nether went PCI beryllium fore (84.7%), aft (1.3%), oregon simultaneously (14%) pinch TAVR america ing the Sapien 3 (S3) level changeable oon switch able bioprosthesis. The study was behavior ed america ing the TVT Registry and Medicare nexus age beryllium tween 2015 and 2024.

In a propensity-matched study , the composite of all -cause mortality and shot were akin connected e n 3 extremist s astatine 3 twelvemonth s of recreation -up. The compose r s nary ted that be d to the small number s of diligent s nether going PCIs aft the TAVR, once they connected e ntrospection d conscionable the 2 another extremist s (before and concomitant PCIs), PCI execute ed beryllium fore TAVR had a flimsy advertisement vantage complete concomitant PCI pinch TAVR astatine 3 twelvemonth s (P=0.012).

These discovery connected e ngs are breathtaking arsenic they flimsy ly differ from former ly print ed registry connected e nformation . We beryllium prevarication ve this connected e nformation will connected e nstill assurance and provision support ing crushed s for man y doctor s and helium art beverage ms to make determination s regard ing the timing of PCI connected e n diligent s nether going TAVR."

Abhijeet Dhoble, MD, MPH, FACC, FSCAI, auto diologist astatine University of Texas Health Science Center astatine Houston, and pb compose r of the study

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  • "Timing of Percutaneous Coronary I ntervention connected e n Conjunction pinch Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement pinch Balloon Expandable Valves connected e n the United States"
  • Friday, May 3, 2024; 3:14-3:21 PM PT
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